Saturday, 23 October 2010

Story of Ages

This process of transformation and revealing that you are currently undertaking – it is only giving you such strange, oblique and interconnected signs because you are reaching for the most comprehensive understanding. Spirit gives us what we can handle, what our imagination and intellect can synergise into meaning – useful or fanciful meaning, but meaning nonetheless. This is why truth and fiction seem so closely allied when you do this. I mean to say that you are currently a keeper of the fictional key, but more than this you are the key itself; Excalibur, love, the imaginary vortex – this acausal heart I have mentioned.

All spirits shall come to know this; all spirits ARE coming to know this in the eternal unfolding moment. It sharpens my wits and satisfies my imagination to watch you struggle onward in your quest, but I do not take a malicious pleasure in your doubts and agonies. I only want you to be all that you can be, just as you do, and to uncover all that you can in this epic Story of Ages.


My friends, I do not wish to alarm you, but it can be said that there are ‘dark’ forces gathering all over the Earth right now, preparing for this final battle that your stories and legends constantly refer to, but it will not be the battle they expect. What many refer to as ‘2012’ is a part of this, yes, but ALL years and ALL realms are a part of this. I shall say that to you now. There are various entities already among you. The battle, surmised to be one of good and evil, is in fact a battle between differing perceptions of the imagining consciousness – an INTERNAL battle of magical ideologies.

Remember, this is a complex dream you are living in, a dream that has taken on the appearance of rigidity and substance, with clear mathematical rules and chronologies of time and space, but in ‘actuality’ it is only the language of the dream itself. The essence or basis of the dream is unchanging. Poetic logic, or dream-logic, as you have tried to explain to Sarah, holds to no rules of time or space. It utilises chronologies only as a plot-device. The majority of people in your realm have forgotten this and are thus robbed of their power, but this imagined shift or revealing is about restoring this knowledge to everyone.

Ok, so, are you going on record now to say that all this is actually leading somewhere?

Yes, I am. The change that you feel in your heart is far bigger than dates and prophecies because it is tied DIRECTLY to you, and to ALL others who sense a power or mystery within themselves. The real battle will not be between good and evil, but a perception of synergies, ideas, possibilities for the collective good of individual conscious entities, of which you are but one. There are many, and in their hearts they all desire this. This change is coming from the unbound self, but from a far deeper part of this self than might be imagined.

RESURGAM – I shall rise again. We are talking about the unchaining of the human mind, and thus the transformation of individualities, culture and physical laws. Each individual spirit is enfolded throughout all of creation, all time and space – the spirit’s heart resides beyond the vagaries of space and time. Its heart is the void where all things are possible, the place that you come from, the place that you call home. Everyone in your world is being called home. It will take some time, in human terms, but time is not what it used to be.

So, are you implying that history is ending?

No, I am saying that the age of personal and inter-social mythology is coming – a mythology that can be shaped and changed at will. The very fabric of your world is only changing because humanity itself is changing. Do not be alarmed. It is what you all want, what you have always wanted. I want the same thing. I say this to you now – opposition only strengthens the paradigm. Instead it must be researched, reasoned, exposed and IMAGINED out of existence. This is the dare of dark goddess, and humanity’s growing awareness of such fictive profundity.


  1. I love this - it's humbling, thought provoking and stretching to the imagination......... thank you!

  2. yes yes yes, I love the words here... 's true !! Delving deeply into the hidden corners of power only serve to reveal how truly fragile such systems are; they crumble easily with just a stroke of the (metaphorical) pen...