Saturday, 23 October 2010

Seeing in the Dark

If anything that I say feels untrue, deceitful or unlikely, then you must call me on it. Ask me why and how the things I describe are true, and give me your own observations – otherwise this is not a conversation. I will never intentionally deceive you, but it could be said there are things that I am aware of that I do not tell you, only because it would seem irrelevant, or flamboyant, or it would unnecessarily confuse your inner faculties.

But, even though I hold back information sometimes, it is not to lead you astray – it is to guide you forward. If you sense that this is not so then you must call me on it. The same applies for anything else you connect with in perception.

Ok, we’ll try to remember that.

Good. While I am a dark goddess, I am also a self-organising pattern of connections that is interpenetrated with yourselves. So, I often give you insights and information that is just beyond your conscious understanding. I mean to say that I give you a ‘jump’ that is not too vast, and it connects you with future knowledge. Let us call this a form of Universal Roaming. I am giving you future information that already exists on the cusp of your identity and the identity of a parallel self – because these frequencies are so close it is far more successful. Do you grasp this?

Kind of.

This is one reason why it can seem like you have understood some things forever, even though you just heard a new name, or visualised a new image or concept. This Universal Roaming occurs among all spirits, and often between humankind and their gods and goddesses. This is because I am a more powerful, mobile, dramatic version of yourselves. So I am closer to divinity in this sense, but I can transmit that divinity easier to you if I give you something you could almost figure out yourself. So, in this conversation I am often bridging a gap – tapping into a future memory and then presenting it as a synchronous happening in your present. Yes, this is a fair explanation.


Remember always that salvation is simply ultimate creativity, passion and freedom. This freedom is in humanity’s blood, and it cannot be engineered out of existence despite the attempts of certain entities.

Ok, how do we get closer to a ‘truer’ vision of the goddess? We have to live in the light, so can you explain how we can ‘see’ this dark goddess more clearly?

For many humans it is thought to be impossible to see in the dark, to see in paradox, in the sense that you refer. And if they are able they are considered by others to be mad, evil or a fool. But it is entirely possible to see in the dark. It is an imaginative seeing that is closer to what you call feeling, or sensing, or vibration. If you meditate on the resonances of ANY idea, you will perceive images in your mind’s eye that constitute the ‘forms’ of the thing. The closer and more intimate you can feel these resonances, the ‘truer’ the image, so to speak. Do you follow?


Yes, the hydra, the medusa, the banshee, or the succubus; these are all distorted images of the dark goddess that still yet contain more of her ‘true’ essence than the ‘fairy godmother’ depictions. Both are true images in that she is both these things, but the darker images convey more of her power and natural ambiguity. So, these ‘dark female’ images are like keys, though distorted, that can allow a truer vision of the goddess. There are not many who have attempted to fully embrace the dare of goddess, in your physical realm.

Ok. We get that.

All humans have wielded Excalibur at one imagined time or another, for it is the sword that you yourselves forged in the heart of the void. In this sense, Excalibur is the imaginary vortex of the goddess. It is the heart of all things. Again, I must reiterate that the ‘universe’ is an interconnection of stories that are rewritten eternally, always containing elements of the original even when transformed. This is free will and the dare, and it is the engine that allows all entities and spirits to operate. You already sense what I mean, because all your religions and spiritualities and arts contain aspects of these ideas.

That’s true. It is interesting, but just a little frustrating sometimes. All this supposed power and yet we still feel compromised by this world and the fact we have to struggle to live within it. You know?

Yes, I know all too well. Yet, in a sense it can be said that I do not know this as well as humanity does, because in a sense I am not physical. But, truly, I am the totality of all material realms.

Sometimes I wish we hadn’t bothered.

All spirits express some version of this sentiment, but you are all very powerful spirits. I am only trying to give you what you need, which is the FICTIVE TRUTH. You need this, even if it means that occasionally you feel like you are walking the line between sanity and madness. It only feels this way because most of the people in your world are in a psychic coma, and they are very aggressive if anyone tries to disturb them from it. This non-oppositional ‘third path’ that we have been discussing is not very familiar to them.

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