Monday, 18 October 2010

The Ridiculous and the Sublime

I have a question for you. If all is fiction, and the realms of creation are infinite, then isn’t any fantasy that people imagine going to have some legitimacy or authenticity? This seems too vast and I don’t fully comprehend it.

Yes, you understand more than you realise. But here is the key; the more reflective and seriously-minded you are when pondering these fantastical worlds – the more powerful and ‘realistic’ the connection will be, in that you will inhabit an aspect of that fantasy realm far more vividly, and so its own space-time reality will draw metaphorically closer to you.

Ok, that's a good explanation. I get what you mean, but I’m not sure if I believe that.

Fairytales are closer, in this sense, if they are played ‘straight’. There may be genuine humour in such realms but if they are seriously pondered upon they will have more ‘substance’, which equates to them being closer to you, and thus more real.

So, that’s like saying if I let my mind just roam anywhere, in a surface way, I’m getting access to a kind of very shallow representation of a legitimate reality? But if I’m serious, or meditative, then it is more comprehensive and more ‘real’?

Yes, this is exactly so. When you watch a film it is a representation of a real event, a snapshot through a distorted lens. But if you were to meditate on the same film, more elements of its reality will make themselves known to you, or the lens will un-distort itself.

Yeah, I get it. Everything is real, from this viewpoint.

Yes, because all realms are fiction. So, it is not surprising that what you imagined was actually happening in a nearby reality.

So, are there invisible entities sharing space and time concurrent with the human race?

Yes, countless numbers. Some are aware of humanity, others have no idea that you exist. It is the same as when a diver is sent into the ocean. Some creatures are aware of him, others are not. Even if he is right in front of them, many of these creatures would be unable to perceive him, or even perceive the disturbances he left in the water. It is the same with the entities that populate your atmosphere. In our ocean analogy, some ocean life will approach the diver, some will play with him, others will attack him, and others will swim right past, never knowing he was there.

Ok, in an infinite world, this must be true, right?

It is very true, and there are accounts of these beings in your art and literature going back hundreds and thousands of years. Yes, in many ways the Earth that you know is a lost civilisation. It is a ruin, and all around you are other societies that exist in various past/present/future states. To those that inhabit such realms, you are all ghosts. In a sense this is a fair description because all sentient life is Eidola, whether they are able to recognise this or not. Sometimes you will encounter one of these beings as something you think is an angel, or faery, and this is also a fair description. All these worlds coexist.

Some societies are very aware of this fact. They know they are a nexus amidst infinite possibility. This is the nature of reality. The more you know about a probable past/present/future event, the thinner that event becomes, or the more transparent, and it is possible to cross into it simultaneously. If you knew everything there was to know about your fabled Atlantis, for example, you could literally step into it. The more comprehensive, flexible and thin your understanding, the closer the frequency. Do you understand this?

Kind of, yes. It’s like saying the historical thing is just the surface, and if you can get closer to the paradox of any event you can step into it, or any of its parallel incarnations?

Precisely, you are both very perceptive. The fact that many entities can cross between worlds makes cognizance a complicated process. Temporal paradoxes, multiple timelines, parallel selves – these concepts are not merely the tropes of your science fiction stories. All these things can partially manifest in the imagining consciousness, to lesser or greater degrees. Why is this? Because reality is entirely real and subjective at once. The concepts of space and time are subjective. The continuum is a field of dreams, like all things.

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