Friday, 15 October 2010

The Process and the Event

2012 is not an event that will happen in a specific way. It is a process that has infinite variations on a theme, all coexisting like an eternal octopus spreading its tentacles throughout creation. Every event/process is like this, and every year, so the question becomes, 'What can we glimpse that might surface in this particular space-time reality?' This is a difficult question to answer.

There are many realities. All realities can blend and feed off one another, and constantly information is travelling across these worlds in impossible ways. I mean to say that this faster-than-light travel is constantly connecting parallel worlds so that information, dreams, echoes, and even people are able to cross from one world to the other. Time as you understand it is tangential to this process. I can give you the probable themes that will be carried in a process such as that which many imagine as '2012', but many of theses themes you know already. It is about the invisible becoming visible, it is about transformation, it is about evolution of awareness. Any of these themes can manifest in ways that are subtle or dramatic. This is not all random, however, because the COLLECTIVE frequency of the human race will largely determine how these things manifest themselves. Do you see that this is so? It is not some fundamental '2012' architecture that is written into the fabric of space-time. This is a misrepresentation of the quantum state. The quantum state holds ALL possibilities, no matter how bizarre or ridiculous (or sober). Any of these states can partially manifest if the collective is somehow open or tuned to these frequencies.

Do you think there are individuals who may be affected by 2012 'awakening'-type events even if the majority are not? I mean, is there a middle-ground to this?

Yes, yes, you are understanding more and more. Truly there is no ‘ends of the scale’, there is only middle ground. In this instance, the polarity of individual-collective exists to contain the middle ground, which is truly the quantum state and the infinite nature of experience. I shall put it another way. Indeed, Sarah, you are right to suspect that individuals will have mini-awakenings in their lives if they are open to them. Perhaps, if the people involved are sufficiently magnetic, they will allow others to catch glimpses of this different order of reality. This already happens all the time, on a global scale.

But here we run into the concept of the collective. And on a conscioussness level the collective in your society is determined largely by mass-media. I use the term for all that is modern, sleek and commercial in your technological world. So, if there is already a process of transformation occurring, it has not yet reached the conscious collective because of the power of this mass-media. But it is reaching them subconsciously and superconsciously all the time. Perhaps then '2012' will be a process where the mass-media no longer transmits a trustworthy reflection of the world at large.

All gods and goddesses - and all worlds - are both separate and non-seperate. This is what people fail to recognise when they peer into the world of dreams. They see magic, true magic, but they colour it in whatever way is most acceptable to them. So, then, is Man really a god? Is Woman really a goddess? What is most acceptable to you? This is the same question others face when they catch a sense of something beneath the visible world. Another way of putting it would be, 'How do they decide to order, structure and conceive the quantum field?' It is open to anything, it cannot be tricked, it cannot be harmed, thus it allows anything.

Many individuals want others to explore the shadow self, or the suppressed god/goddess, in order for them to remove the discomfort of being self-aware beings with infinite power. This infinite power in people is usually terrifying to them. People want others to do the hard work for them, but there comes an imaginary point when all spirits must face their own true vortex nature. Most souls try to subconsciously stave off this moment for as long as possible. And still, if a soul is truly self-destructive, it can choose to forget this truth even after it has recognised it. This is free will and it is infinite love in motion. Many gods have risen and fallen again and again, at their own request. This describes many of the people living on Earth at this time. Can you see that this is so? They are not cowards so much as they are desperate for a change of global proportions, but they truly cannot imagine that the quantum state is their true nature and the drive of their existence, so they defer this godship to others. They crown others with halos of light or darkness because on some level they pray and hope that these others can do what they cannot.

And, if they truly believe they cannot do it, then they are unable to. Thus their identity remains stable, and they are protected from the dangerous places. The dangerous places are where you humans are supposed to thrive. It is where you have intended briefly to live, in the masquerade, but most people are still genuinely terrified of these places.

Ok, what could 2012 mean to people like me and Sarah?

This is an excellent question, for it cuts to the heart of what I discussed before. The only important question, in a quantum sense, is ‘How do I want to spend my imaginary time?’ This question will be hopefully answered in a variety of ways during this 2012-type experience you are referencing. But, this process that many figure as 2012 is already taking place in your lives now. Witness what you are doing at this very moment. You are engaged in a conversation with a dark goddess. Thus, in my opinion you will experience an intensification of the current transformation.

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