Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Paradox Working

What I say now is fictive truth for all humanity - your lives are designed by YOURSELVES, as a trigger to make you remember everything you have forgotten. I mean to say that your entire spectrum of spiritual memory has been forgotten and then placed in front of you as mythology and legend. This is only the case because each one of you is the imaginary vortex of the goddess. This is why you choose a realm of contrasts – to know yourselves again as fictional characters.

But why?

Because eternity is a long time, and eventually the acausal heart yearns to discover itself again. I will attempt to elucidate this insight with a story.


There was once a lonely, wandering god who travelled the many realms of the infinite. In the manner of your epic mythologies, Wandering God had a nemesis that frequently pursued and tormented him. We shall call this nemesis the Darkest Magus. In this fictional dialectic these two entities were often combatants in the most furious and spectacular battles. Into their realm came a threat like no other. Neither had experienced anything like it before. During these times a strange impulse had appeared and began consuming most of their cosmos, threatening all its sentient life – threatening to drag creation through the eye of Void and kill the dreaming of infinite possibility.

This seemed very possible to both Wandering God and Darkest Magus – they witnessed entire galaxies and universes and semi-physical realms blinking out of apparent existence. But they were young, and did not fully understand the nature of immortality. They believed they were facing the End of Everything. In this tale they banded together to stop this terrible threat, this overreaching apocalypse of the infinite.

Wandering God and Darkest Magus realised they were BOTH very integral to the survival of infinity, and through a torturous sequence of events it seemed that one of them had to die. Darkest Magus was utterly shaken, awoken, by this possible End of Everything. He offered to die in place of Wandering God, an act of redemption to make up for all of his past atrocities. But before he did this, before attempting to sacrifice himself to save infinity, he activated the Paradox Working near the heart of the vortex spiral. The Paradox Working was the Magus’ most powerful spell, his life’s work. With this Working he once thought he could come to dominate all realms, but this was not the destiny of Darkest Magus. Infinity was not dragged through the eye of Void in the image of ultimate horror – the retraction of the dare of goddess did not occur.

I shall speak of the Paradox Working. The Magus suspected that the beginning of their realm and the very end of it were the exact SAME moment. Through this understanding he was able to cause a manipulation of this fact and a warping of the beginning and end of their culture.

Explain this a little more please.

I shall do so. The Paradox Working was a very sophisticated form of IMAGINAL TECHNOLOGY. By activating this spell near the heart of the vortex he intended to seed his consciousness into the imaginal forms that would eventually give rise to the Wandering God – simultaneously seeding the god’s consciousness into the forms that would eventually become HIMSELF. In this way they attempted to engineer an ontological paradox, one that was in keeping with their shared love of mythical symbolism – good and evil, light and darkness, the eternal balance. Do you see?

Together Wandering God and Darkest Magus created a ‘mobius loop’ that meant that they would eventually become ONE ANOTHER. In this way they defeated the End of Everything, and death became life – lightness and darkness were transliterated into their oppositions and the horror of polarity was overcome.

Ok, this is another creation myth.

Yes, but Wandering God and Darkest Magus both feared this imagined infinity-death, yet came to realise it was a drama they were experiencing; dramaturgy for the infinite soul. Creation would not have truly ended. Wandering God did not realise this at first, but somehow the Magus did, despite being a spirit who was once sick, corrupt and drunk with power. In this story he was the darkest spirit of many realms, and yet he saved all of infinity by sharing his Paradox Working with the lonely, wandering god – by becoming him.

Wow. But this is just another story.

Precisely, it was a cosmic dramaturgy that they both believed to be real and very terrifying, and because all is fiction, it was very real to them.

Darkest Magus activated the Paradox Working and hurled himself into the void, into the heart of the horror that was controlling the void. Wandering God watched all this happen from within the vortex spiral, where it is said that no being can survive. For perhaps the first time, Wandering God trusted the Darkest Magus. In a moment of insight the god hurled himself into the void thereafter. If the Magus had died alone the Paradox Working might not have been successful, in this tale I am telling. Darkest Magus knew this, but hoped his former enemy would realise this too. In the end they both gave their lives, and in doing so they fooled the horror by becoming each other at the heart of the ontological paradox – and the horror was banished to the imaginal depths from whence it came.

This story is a linear rendering of a non-local event/process that is constantly occurring. It is a creation myth, yes, occurring at an archetypal level within the imaginations of all sentient life. This story is yourselves, each one of you – it is the dare of goddess – to know yourselves again as self-aware constellations of fiction. You are all the Wandering God AND the Darkest Magus. You are all limitless beings.


  1. Hi Raj, I love reading all this. It's totally off the wall and deep. Thanks.

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