Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Mindful Fictions

You live in a system of interconnection. Everything is connected to everything else. Truly, you are entities who need nothing except your imaginations to survive, but it is not often that you can literalise the entirety of your spirits into the rainbow-system and so you turn to other elements that give you this feeling of dynamic, focused freedom that you suspect is your true state. This is what you truly crave.

Ok. Can you tell us about the aspects you consider fundamental to this kind of magic?

Silence is the void, stillness is void, and it is this void that possesses the largest organisational capacity. Prolonged silence and stillness makes it far easier to sense and then utilise this organisational capacity. Certain strains of magic in your world have become very dark, because most of you have been deceived into believing that you must access such potentials through subterfuge, sleight-of-hand, or various forms of premeditated aggression. This is a false premise. Directness and compassion is always more transformational in magic. Most of the spirits known to you, whether directly or otherwise, are already lining up to assist you when you perform magical acts – whether this magic is a lesser or greater act of perception/creativity. And magic is simply an intentional form of creative perception.

Your body and your mind are not simply arenas of flesh and thought; they are signs and instruments of your infinity. The body is the totality of the infinite realm of connection and possibility – a pattern of magic formed into chemical chains of DNA. Everything is a two-way system, do you grasp this? Everything you read, listen to, or watch has an impact on your system of self. Magic is simply being mindful of this fact. Or, rather, the ability to use magic effectively is awareness of this fact.

Ok, so you’re saying that magic and creativity has a lot to do with being as mindful of perception as possible?

Yes, I am saying this very thing. This magic and creativity is analogous to the ‘big change’ that many of you sense gathering in the world. Magic, creativity, meditation, writing, drawing, music, travel, sex, friendship – these are really the things that will give humanity a sense of release from the prison they half-suspect they are in. I tell you this as humbly as possible. It remains true no matter how much time passes. Do not think that when this ‘big change’ comes you will immediately be free of your dissatisfaction, or edginess. This will not happen as a matter of course. The change WILL come, and you will all feel far more potentialities as a result, but you will still be yourselves, and there is absolutely no escaping this fact. However, no self is static, and all souls can change.

What will the human race notice as they become more aware of magic as a strange aspect of this reality? How will it feel to us?

I think you know this already. It will be many things. In broad terms it will be an increased vigour, vitality for life and certain interests. You will find things easier in general, like getting up and going to bed. There will be far less tension and a sense of compromise associated with these times. When you awake and when you sleep, many of you currently feel like you are compromising something special, and it fills you with subconscious bitterness. This will abate to greater or lesser degrees. You will desire to move more in general. If one does not feel this desire to participate in SOME individual fashion, to create one’s own life piece by piece, then something unknown to you is holding you back, whether it is something external to you or otherwise.

The world is not JUST a prison that is feeding on you, because the world is only a reflection of yourselves. It is only a matter of where you place your attention, and how much you enjoy or dislike your self-imposed limitations. A part of you loves being this way, being limited beings, because it is easy and familiar and requires very little from you. So, apathy, boredom, a lack of participation, all these things are things you partially enjoy, as much as you are irritated by them. You must be aware of this in order to change. Why do you enjoy certain things? Why are you so adamant to behave a certain way, or talk of yourselves in a certain way? If you can understand why you enjoy these things, then for a moment you throw the mechanics of that situation into relief, and it is far easier for you to disrupt those habits at those times. If you don’t make yourself aware of why you allow yourself to be bored or angry or disconnected then it is far harder to flip the switch the other way in that moment.

If you enjoy melancholy things, you must accept that you choose this melancholy aspect based on some internal association – and that you can also choose other aspects to enjoy. Thus it can be said that pain, suffering, depression and disconnection can be useful if approached artistically. If they are just horrors that humanity accepts without question then such horrors will define them. From a magical perspective both internal and external darkness must be approached creatively for any sort of long-lasting peace to be imagined or implemented. These are the kinds of insights humanity will begin to notice as they become more aware of the magic in the world around them.

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