Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Meaning and the Magic

There are those who inhabit an underworld depiction of spirit, those that I have termed the Eidola. You are becoming more cognizant of the idea that the physical realm is based on an extrapolation of this underworld, and vice versa. You humans are these Eidola; you are the paradox – the presence and the absence both at once.

Yeah, I get that.

People often labour under the misconception that life is nihilistic, that their lives are doomed to instability and failure. Your lives are not nihilistic, but it is fair to say that the physical world itself could be considered so – because decay and entropy appears encoded into every physical thing in existence. The only thing that escapes this constant death is an imaginary construct. This is what spirit truly is. But spirit is not simply this ‘golden sunlight’ day-world idea that many imagine. It is more fully the dark AND the bright. In a post-modern sense, the keen disciple of the true goddess does not forget the systems and technologies and doubts that fostered her, rather she embraces all these things as aspects of herself. In doing so she ‘uploads’ more of herself into the artificial construct that we have figured here as spirit - she defeats nihilism, decay and ‘evil’ through an understanding of the fictional space that exists outside the system. It is this fictional space that allows all systems to operate.

Many individuals worry about survival – financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This worry is a defining characteristic of civilisations such as yours. In such a civilisation on the cusp of change, many feel that it is hard to distinguish the technology from the people, the art from the artist – and they fear the apparent destruction, or perhaps recreation, of meaning. It is not the destruction of meaning, though it might appear to be this to a naturalist and materialist. Rather it is the radical reimagining of spiritual, biological and poetical truths. In a sense your civilisation is experiencing a collapse of the ‘patriarchal’ systems of meaning, or at the very least the old scientific and religious notions of meaning. Instead you are encountering a world where a subject can create his environment, his apparent external reality, because there is no genuine split between subject and object, between external and internal. This kind of collapse of an old meaning-system is terrifying to many people, and they equate it to the death of their god, or the collapse of truth, or the rise of trivia in place of knowledge – but this is short-sighted, and only a partial insight.

Instead let us imagine you are witnessing the birth of a consciousness that incorporates the knowledge and insight contained within the paradoxical realm. It is a consciousness that comprehends that ‘everything’ and ‘nothing’ are only imagined locus points in an imaginary continuum. Therefore you can use anything you wish to create your identity, for your identity is artificial in this sense, as is your soul and your spirit.

But the distinction here is that this imaginal view of artificiality can contain ideas of the natural, whereas ideas of the distinctly natural cannot or will not contain ideas of artificiality. It is really only in this sense that you are ‘artificial’ subjects. There are other phrases that one could use – post-modern, post-human, meta-human, or void-consciousness, as we have discussed before. All these lenses of perception will convey some aspect of this ‘spirit as fictional’ idea. And when we talk of artificiality or constructs in this conversation, it is interchangeable always with fictional.


I shall try to elucidate such ideas indirectly. For example, the inner life of a quartz crystal exists in terms that are alien to you, but if you were to imagine fractals and geometries and theoretical mathematics, you would be much closer to grasping the inner life of the crystal. Its essence is varied and manifold. It is a representation of infinity trapped within a mathematical equation, much like the human race. So, a piece of crystal is simply a chunk of rock, but it is also an interconnected series of maths questions that ‘encapsulates’ infinity. In THIS sense crystals are artificial, as is all apparent materiality, including the human individual.

I would suggest that you try to remember that you are not living within a preordained system. The universe is not JUST an artefact that is outside you, it is also a dream that is within you. I am not promising you anything except yourselves. If you are focused and diligent you will see yourselves with increasing clarity, that you are truly limitless and infinitely powerful. Really, the fear that many people have, of ‘the magic not being real’, is simply the fear of death and meaninglessness. But death can be imagined as birth in reversed form. And magic is the process of dealing with the architecture of the rainbow-system with ever increasing sophistication and subtlety. Magic, or creativity, will eventually free you, because this magic is YOURSELF in your most dynamic form.

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  1. Awesome post Raj. I agree with so much of what is said here. I am drawn to your point where many fear death, as stated by your ‘correspondent.’ Your quote “Really, the fear that many people have, of ‘the magic not being real’, is simply the fear of death and meaninglessness. But death can be imagined as birth in reversed form.”….
    This reminded me of how often I have pointed out to clients and other individuals that why should they fear death, i.e., why should they fear leaving this earth…when they were born from ’somewhere’ else before they arrived on this planet. I see this planet as a battlefield/stroke office. My argument to them is - who wants to be working in the office or fighting on the battlefield all their lives? Look how fast we rush from the office to get ‘home.’ Home to me is certainly not on this 3rd rock from the sun. I can’t wait to get back.

    Nuff nuff respect for your contribution.