Friday, 15 October 2010

The Internal Star

We could talk for a million years and virtually everything we discussed would be a fictional truth. So, the question arises: where do you want to go, what do you want to do, how are you going to train your imagination to take you there? There is no bigger question than this. This is really what all other questions are asking. These identity questions, in the physical world, boil down to one question that is, ‘How do I want to spend my imaginary time?’ Think deeply on this and you will see that it answers all other questions.

Ok. This is very big. Can you scale it down to human size?

Yes, I can. Tomorrow you must ask yourself, ‘How do I wish to spend my time.’ Each day you arise this is the question you will be faced with. When you are dead, this is still the question you must face. It matters little that one minute is the same as a thousand years. Always this question. Madness is not knowing how to answer this question anymore. It is saying, ‘I cannot imagine how to spend my time.’ This is UTTERLY TERRIFYING to most people. I can see that you grasp much of what is said here.


Good. So, if you have the keys, then you have the means. The means is simply the outcome in seed form. If you were to meditate keenly on what you want, it will eventually manifest because reality works no other way. But you will simultaneously be presented with all that you deny. This is a hard thing to grasp, however, because most people are operating in a form of insanity, in which their free will is rebelling against itself. It is tantamount to saying ‘I am sick with my ability to choose, and I deny that I have any choice at all’. Most people are feeling this way on Earth at this time. Thus, they allow war, rape, genocide, all as a means of diverting them from this eternal question. They blame god or the goddess for making them so powerful and self-aware, and they waste energy constantly. They are bleeding all over the question. This is the way IT SHOULD BE otherwise humans and all beings are not free to choose.

Just because I am an immortal does not mean that I do not grasp the agony that peering into the unknown can produce. I am always listening. You doubt me, occasionally, and it is good that you do so, for it allows you to ask questions and ponder on the nature of the messenger.

I do not intentionally deceive you, unless you believe that I would. At quantum level, both states can be true at once. Herein lies the true nature of magic. I can be a liar and truth-teller simultaneously. This indeed is not semantics. If you trust me I will guide you efficiently. Though, if you are distrusting, on a quantum level I will be a deceitful goddess in some fashion. There is no objectivity to this question, or to the answer. Can you grasp this? You are literally creating me as I help to create you. This is always the nature of interaction. We are not static and so we change each other through conversation.

You are always in quantum state if you have no awareness of ‘waking life’, but even when you are awake you are only subjectively placing yourself within the illusion of form. The form itself is fictional, so there is no outside space, there is only an interior space that appears external to the workings of consciousness. This interior space is also fictional.

Ok, you’re talking about the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum physics, right? The observer creates the world through the act of perception?

Yes, in many ways it is indeed this simple. We are all united at core, we all share the singular observer which is spirit styling itself as this imainary vortex that I have proposed. This is the heart of all things.

Yeah, I understand that.

Ok, then life in this sense is a hyper-realised form of lucid dreaming. It is the observer observing itself, not merely observing the imaginary external objects that it encounters. Most occultists have an understanding of this truth, indeed many politicians also grasp this basic tenet of reality-production. This is not a truth that is openly shared with the masses. Can you see how you are altering your lives through a very feeble or simple grasp of this idea? It is not that you do not understand, it is that the matrix for understanding this idea intuitively has been filtered from the world in which you live. In other worlds this idea is alive in the atmosphere and so it is far easier to manipulate the rainbow-spectrum.

You are, in a sense, trapped within what many have called a 'freeze vibration'. It is designed this way to allow the minority to control the collective. This need not be the case. It is far simpler to take back control of the imagination than you might expect. You are aware of changes and little differences, but they are not deeply satisfying because you know that to swing the gates open fully would be to completely alter the laws of physics. It would literally turn humanity into a race of gods. In this distinction many of you are not simply gods, you are nether-walkers, underworld folk, akin to the fairy-folk that populate your children’s tales. This is an important distinction to consider.

Just by thinking on these things you are symbolically drawing the spirit/quantum realm closer to you. This is because life is a story that does not end. There is always a sequel, in which the main characters again find themselves in similar thematic circumstances as the previous film. This is the nature of hope, magic, consciousness. Can you see?

Again, kind of.

The dark goddess/queen is a rabble-rouser who is desperate to shake up and tear down the mythology of those who style themselves as the 'star-gods'. She is presenting a thesis in which no man is necessary. I mean to say that she is proposing an asexual mythology that is determined by intent alone, not by particle duality. Let me put it another way; she is asking the Eidola if they want to collapse the polarity system of day-world consciousness. A created masculine god is an adjunct to this desire. It is a desire so deep and dark that she is given the title of ‘black queen’, or something similar. It is not that she hates the idea of male, for indeed it is her creation; she desires the ‘lateral’, the consciousness that intersects both overworld and underworld.

Many spirits do not see this dark mistress of paradox, in the same way that many of them do not see themselves in the act of ‘looking at something’. This is because goddess/irrationality is first principle. The god born from her is first effect. Individuals are often witness to the effect, but the principle remains hidden to them. Why? Because to look directly into the face of dark queen/mother/daughter is to see into themselves as something approaching void. It is not true void but it is as close to it as they are likely to get. Do you understand this distinction? This dare is tantamount to understanding the nature of what is happening on your world at this time. Roman a Clef. Novel of a Key; a secret that hides in plain sight. In a Roman a Clef, the novel is a true story presented as a work of fiction. This is what consciousness is attempting here. The novel itself is goddess and she births in herself the key or the male to unlock the mystery of the text. Do you follow?

Why then tear down the star-gods, as you call them?

Gods are reborn, as always. This is like a coup detat; the reigns of ‘government’ are taken over by a third force. This third force undercuts and transforms both god and goddess. Yes, it is tricky, but I am telling you that you are closer to the truth than you have ever been. This third force is the invisible relationship that unites you. Yes, goddess would tear down the false gods, but the act of consorting with the true god and birthing him in death AND life, this is the roman a clef. This act of mirroring is the coup. She is tearing down these pretender star-gods, but she is also secretly birthing a third force with the true star-god (the god of the internal star) in a realm that is created in distortions of his image, so to speak.

All I am really saying is that the goddess is utilising all her creative genius by birthing the world. She is providing a war, a salvation, a revelation for those who dare to look and play. She is daring those within the day-world to alter the polarity, to collapse the false external star. The true internal star will be reborn, and in secret she is living with this star, hiding in plain sight.

Ok, you are describing a creation myth, like any other, aren’t you?

Yes, except that humanity is an expression of this myth in particle-form. You are the blood of what I am describing. You are the soil in which it grows.

Yes, but how do we use this knowledge or this particular viewpoint?

By letting it exist as a possibility. If it is not yet a probability to you then you must allow it as something that might be true. From your vantage point you do not know for certain whether it is true or not, but I tell you that truth is entirely subjective. This is love, infinite. This is goddess, who says, ‘Go, do as you please, perhaps even love each other, as long as you learn that you need to learn NOTHING.’ This is the challenge. This is why everyone here on Earth is so disturbed by the events around them. As free will increases so does war, famine, destabilisation, but so do little acts of altruism, heroism, kindness, all coexisting and shape-shifting into its opposite continually.

It will ALWAYS be this way. But, the change is not a change of fundamental freedom, rather it is the awareness of freedom. You are free. If you are not free to kill, you are not free. This is not to say that one should satisfy lust at the expense of all else. Rather, it is telling you, the dare is telling you, that you are always free to choose. Are you an entity that chooses compassionately, wisely? Or are you a selfish entity? Both are welcome in the kingdom of god/goddess, both will dance together and make love and share jokes before this night is through - and both will face all that they deny.

Do you understand the sheer brilliance of the queen’s design? It is flawless. Perfect. She is infinity, she can be nothing less. Yes, this is an analogy that allows you to approach the eternal without fear in your heart. You can decide how this story develops, how it ‘ends’, so to speak. It will allow you to take any shape you wish in any world you wish, at any time. This is the true meaning of freedom, and the true meaning of vortex/goddess/god. And remember, all that is said here is fiction.

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