Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Imaginal Moth

You are very aware now that you are connected to realms beyond and yet coexistent with your own. You are looking back on your life and you are realising just how much truth you had amassed, but it was truth you could not accept that you knew. Almost, you wanted to hide from how much you understood. Can you see that this is so?

Yeah, I guess.

Most people live in the anxiety between not believing in the light and utterly believing in the dark. They say, ‘God has created me to be infinitely free. But he hates me because he has created dark things. He must not love me the way I had assumed. He must be playing a sick game with me. He wants me to go crazy. I cannot fight this God/Sun anymore, who allows the Night to come.’

But, this is a false premise. The love of the goddess and the god is the highest expression of compassion; it is this dare I have spoken of before. You are not a pawn. You are opportunities to become whatever you desire. Yes, there is no greater gift than this, whether it is bestowed by an angel of light or an angel of darkness. There are many who do not strive to perceive everything – they are perfectly entitled to do this, even if it means the destruction of their lives, or the world. This is love. I mean it is love in the most comprehensive sense. The goddess does not sanction a bloodbath. She is only sanctioning a symbolic quest; your ability to choose anything you want. The gods do not condone your bloodletting, not even the most ‘merciless’ god does this. However, there are entities that may condone such things and may wear the masks of gods.

You will always find yourself attracted to the internal star like an imaginal moth to a flame. All individuals get to choose if this flame will burn or nurture them. If it burns them they call this flame a ‘darkness’. If this darkness blinds them with its depth, they become angry and say that it is a light’ – a colonising force that wishes to steal their life away. It is not designed to do this. You are always free to wish and dream and recreate.

Love means that you are accepted and surrounded at all times by ALL forces. In a very real sense they are always trying to help you. They do this by sanctioning your ability to live as you wish. In a world like this, and all worlds are like this, there is no hell - only places where individuals forget how free they are. It cannot truly be any other way, can it? This is just life.

I can speak to you of light. There are many angels of light who do miraculous things all the time. They pluck children from burning buildings and deposit them safely on the street. Do you accept this as possible? This is one reason why the various faiths of the world endure. The religionist who has genuinely encountered an aspect of his god, he is utterly convinced of the power - but perhaps he cannot imagine another scenario is just as real/meaningful.

Ok, is this why there are so many wars? Because deep down many people know that it’s all true, but they can’t imagine that a parallel truth could exist simultaneously?

You are correct.

That’s why people are willing to kill and be killed in the name of their god?

Yes, sometimes they have had a direct experience with their fictional god and so they are willing to forget the simultaneous nature of multiplicity. The direct experience could set them free, but they allow others to manipulate this very real experience. A sinister occultist might say, ‘You have felt the power of god, have you not? Now you know that everything in our dogmas and ideologies is true. So, go and kill in the name of this god you know for yourself to be real.’

A sinister occultist is not a prerequisite to this manipulation. This is free will. People’s genuine experiences are often self-manipulated. Not because people are fighting for a fairy-tale, but because they fight for something they know on a profound level to be real. But their ability to reason may not be so profound, and can become clouded if they let this happen.

So then the sun god/goddess is essentially a benevolent entity? Everything must be this way at core, right?

People talk about Love all the time, but do they really know what love is? They feel it, but they cannot imagine that love and pure reason, or pure science, can be the same thing. Love is a physics that should be accessible to everyone. This imaginary vortex physics, that I define as love, will draw you closer to the eternal shape-shifting quality of the human race. All races in all universes are really this ‘human’ race.

So, that’s like saying that this ‘vortex physics’ should be a form of applied rational magic. A science of magic, essentially?

Yes. It is the science-art of the Underworld Regent.

How would you describe this underworld, in your terminology?

The Underworld is simply THIS world seen through an infinite lens. I mean to say that this world, on a magical/irrational level, is intimately the same world as all others. The boundaries that separate such worlds were intended to make all sentient life think about what is truly possible in an infinite construct. It is a symbolic world. Everything is this way, both real AND unreal, because all of creation is fiction.

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