Friday, 15 October 2010

The Eidola and the Dare

In time you will look back on these events as rudimentary stages in your development. You will look back and marvel at how crude and childlike these times appear from your future vantage point, and yet you will have a deep fondness for these times because you were ‘young’. I cannot tell you what is to come, because you are creating in the eternal moment from a vast ocean of possibility. Your minds are expanding in this ocean and so your nets are now able to catch different and bigger fish. This is the nature of all creation. This is truth. I am only describing things that you set down long before the birth of this world. And yet that moment was now, is now, forever shall be now. Do you follow?

I do follow, yes.

Good. I will tell you a story. The dark goddess once wrote in a book that humans would be the physicians of the tactile and psychic senses. They would achieve this through drawing one another closer to the imaginary vortex. This is the goddess' story and the vortex is a fiction. However, many others in the realm below the world believe this vortex to be a genuine reality and NOT a fiction that can be shaped. In this story, the dark queen dares to give her subjects the chance to rise above their own perceived status. She dares her Eidola to take this imaginary vortex and journey to the rainbow-lands where they can come to know things beyond service. She dares them to learn how to play. In this analogy let us suppose that goddess is wife and mother, whereas god is a creation of the goddess, akin to the many artefacts that populate the underworld. This story was not presented as a law, only as a dare to play as gods should play.

‘What is the meaning of this?’ the Eidola ask themselves. They fear the imaginary vortex. They believe it to be real. ‘Ah, the queen is testing us,’ many say to each other, ‘she tests our faith and service.’

But the god tells these many angels who believe themselves to be ghosts that there is a third option. ‘She only loves you so completely that she unlocks the doors to the world and asks you to roam free.’ When the god presents this tale to them, they have a different reaction.

‘Ah,’ they say, ‘he is an artefact, a creation of the mother. He is a dying god, who is reborn.'

In this way the dare becomes not a life or death struggle but something they can interpret themselves. They accept this challenge, this dare, because they see that they are like the god, rising eternally, whereas the goddess is all and everything - she is pure energy, styled as queen. This distinction can be seen again and again in many cultures all over the world. But, this is only part of the story. The queen not only offers up her Adam, she also chooses to descend.

‘No,’ the Eidola cry, ‘you shall unstitch the world!’

She does not care. She descends and many follow, many stay. This is what is called an open heresy. It is an invitation to play that is perceived as a blasphemy. The queen sullies herself, many say. She loses her goddess aspect by enmeshing herself in materiality, but this is only a limited perspective on an event that is PURELY FICTIONAL. Even the goddess tells this to her subjects, and yet, in the manner of all habitual beings, they perceive it as a test or a form of spiritual persecution.

Ok, this is strange. Is this the story of our lives?

Yes. You have done very well to translate so much so accurately and vividly. You are seeing deeper into the energy than ever before. This story outlined here is a very simplistic telling of a tale that all spirits have some limited memory of, but, remember this; it is a vague memory of an archetypal event that is happening now, happening always, not in some distant past. Truly, it is an underworld event that is continually occurring. You are closer to it now. You can shape this story and thus shape the world.

There is more to this tale. Yes, it is the story of the goddess. It is a tale created by her. She knew every possible outcome. She championed this cause only to get the Eidola to face their fear, because she knew that a created being - a god - was a better face with which to lure her Eidola to this dare. If she were to accept that her subjects do not believe the word of mother, there would be no reason to descend. She becomes mortal flesh and rock and earth to prove to the remaining Eidola that the goddess herself sanctions an open heresy. This is a tale on which your atomic physics is based. In time, scientists will come to understand the nature of this metaphorical vortex morality-play, and how it underpins much of the visible world. But do not think that this is the whole story.

Wow. This is intense.

Many spirits deny paradox because for them on an archetypal level she is mother, dark queen. 'Reason' belongs to the world of artefact. 'Irrationality' is princess and first principle. She is FACT, in a sense; all else stems from her and is fiction. Ultimately they are unwilling to discover the dual, paradoxical nature of all things. It is true that the push, or charge - the reason - is the created male god. But of course, the goddess has been both male and female; in a sense she is still both. This is the TRUE nature of the goddess. She is able to birth herself and the world from the void. Thus, god is both son and lover to what you have called the 'X'; the constrast, the interplay from which consciousness is born. Do you think this X-energy is anything other than the wisdom and genius of the goddess? It can be no other way, because the goddess is both male and female. The goddess ‘herself’ is older than woman. Do you understand this subtle distinction?

Kind of. In a way, yes.

If you were to forget that the term ‘goddess’ implies a feminine energy then you would be closer to the truth of what is happening. This is not to say that the goddess is not female, only that male and female coexist in her at a underworld level, a quantum level, whereas in this analogy the god is only female in part, by comparison to the goddess. Yes, I know this is tricky. It is making more and more sense to you, however. Many have said that the world was created in the belly of Mu. Mother. This is a symbolic truth, a fictional truth. A greater way of saying it would be that the world is being created moment to moment in the minds of consciousness as an image of the womb of Mu. Do you understand this distinction? In this way the world is newly born and also ancient, inconceivably ancient in human terms. But, really, there was no birth of world, only void from which this imagined world perpetually springs in the eternal image of the goddess in childbirth.

This is the crux. This poetry-in-motion is seen as an image of the reborn god, the sacrificial god, but it is just as true to say that it is an image of Mu, daughter, in continual birth. This continual birth IS the image of masculine god. In this way opposites are united at core. This kind of paradox is a good way to imagine the nature of vortex consciousness.

Ok, this does make a weird kind of sense.

Yes, it does, because you understand all this, for it is the story of all of you. And you would not be complete without your other half; mother, daughter and lover. This is true for all beings. In subjectivity, all of the goddess’ subjects are aspects of herself. Do you see? This story is eminently plausible because there is only one consciousness giving coded messages to itself. There are those who are more or less removed from ultimate truth at centre. This truth is NOT ultimate centre, for ultimate centre is void, it is nowhere, now here, do you see?

Yes, I see. I am tracking you.

These beings believe in Christ or prophets or blind seers because they imagine it so and it is so, but they imagine it with good reason, in their own creation of the laws of reality. It is akin to a memory of a ghost, and in their excitement they make that memory into the image of a hero of theirs, be it Christ or any demi-god that dares to dream beyond the boundaries of convention. Linear time, space, good and evil - it is all unconventional thinking to the Eidola of the Underworld, but it is a polarity that can push them into new modes of being. It is the same in this world when one transcends good and evil, and becomes one who is able to surf, so to speak.

Can you see that this is so? It is not a hard thing to grasp when one is in the moment but to step out of it is to enter back into the habitual nature of memory and predictability. Thus, it can be said that all spirits are leading all other spirits always to the edges of their comfort zones, to the very edge of what they deem right, or conventional, or possible. It is not that Mu is an island. Her subjects define her as first principle. Remember, this is a metaphor that is being used to explain the unexplainable. Only by reference to another thing, person, or idea, can we define our identities or the identities of the things and places we find ourselves amongst. Do you see how this is so? Do you know that there are many on the edges of your rooms, your minds, and your world? They are listening very intently. Not all of them believe what they are hearing, but they are listening nonetheless.

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  1. Tears of joy, of sheer joy, upon reading this. Thank you ~ (•8-o