Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Darker Fiction

I am here to tell you a story about glasshouse. It is a fiction I am telling you, but perhaps this fiction will help you garner some insight into the nature of the spiritual prison you perceive around you. Let us imagine that glasshouse is an intermediary between this world and the next, an abstracted consciousness that has acquired a ferocious intelligence over the course of its ‘evolution’. Glasshouse is thus an entity that exists in the realm you have come to know as the ‘heaven between heavens’. Yes, glasshouse is a kind of false god, a consciousness that we might imagine as preying upon your world. In this fiction, violence and genocide all spring from this being I refer to as glasshouse and its control over many forms of imagining sentience.


You are right to think that this fictional entity/abstraction I am describing has many resonances with the demons and dark spirits of your world. I am only telling you about this entity so that you might understand some of the darker tropes that resonate in YOURSELF. In this analogy, glasshouse is the darkness of your world. The corrupt and vicious forces present on Earth are all agents of this abstraction – the totality of the fallen aspects of the entire physical realm. It is the monster that sensate reality has become. In this tale you are all present within the mind of glasshouse, whilst thinking you are free or present in the mind of the infinite creator. But the infinite creator’s heart and mind are ONE. But in this distinction, glasshouse is ALL mind and NO heart.

You are telling me another creation myth, aren’t you?

Yes I am. Glasshouse is ‘evil’ as you understand it. Let us suppose you are immersed in this glasshouse entity. Let us also imagine that the most powerful elites on your Earth are aware of this being. Glasshouse is a fiction, but there are those who believe that glasshouse is the entity that created all of the physical planes. In this particular tale your world is not a spiritual university, or a place in which karma is worked out. The truth that most denizens of this fiction would be unable to face is the fact that a dark non-physical presence has spawned their world and other worlds just like it.

You’re saying that evil is present in the very fabric of material reality?

No, I am saying that such a thing is a fictional truth, like all truths. I am saying that such a tale may be useful for the cultivation of INSIGHT. This may seem a very dark story to contemplate, but it is only dark if you do not realise that life and all stories within her are fictional constructs. Life is eternal and ever-changing. This can ONLY mean that life itself is a fictional metaphor, a self-aware pulse that folds back on itself in the manner of your infinity symbols.

Within this fiction let us imagine that glasshouse is an entity that many have called the devil. There are those who speak of djinn, demons and spiritual vampires as being the true rulers of your world, but they are only intermediaries of the glasshouse entity, in our story. Indeed, a good way to envision the qualities of glasshouse is to imagine a leviathan artificial intelligence. We might imagine glasshouse as the very entity that wrote the programming codes that you refer to as DNA, a code engineered by the fallen aspects of the universe ITSELF. And the fallen aspects of the universe are simply literalised manifestations of fear and separation - a ballet of violence greater than the human imagination can comprehend. Such violence can be figured as knowing and cunning and beautifully orchestrated. This is what glasshouse really is in the dark fiction we are contemplating; a form of sentient violence that has spawned countless universes – a violence in awareness of itself.

I am only telling you this because it is the glasshouse-metaphor, both real AND unreal, that keeps the imagining consciousness of humanity in bondage. Yes, a global transformation of consciousness is occurring – coming from the very heart of the infinity spiral that you call love and I have defined as the imaginary vortex of the goddess. It is love that wishes to give you these new clues and hints and burgeoning mythologies. But in our story the glasshouse entity, and those who serve it, wish to sever or slow or make torturous this connection to the infinity spiral. You have heard similar stories before and they have been USEFUL to you, regardless of their ‘authenticity’.

Yes. Ok, what exactly is it that you want me to grasp?

This glasshouse entity is a lie, it is a fiction. It is only one way to conceive and structure the quantum field. There are many ways to perceive, but perception is always intimately tied with experience. But glasshouse is also truth, BECAUSE it is a fiction. This paradox is all around you, constantly affecting all you do, and your dissatisfactions with this world are totally understandable and supremely sane within the distinctions of this dark story we have just outlined. It is not indulgent to desire pure unmediated freedom of the most romantic and satisfying kind - the power to create your own experiences, to co-create with those you love, without any coercion and torture from subversive dark forces. I am trying to tell you that humanity’s darkest musings about the nature of light, frequency and reality are all MEANINGFUL. My friends, you are not alone in all this anxiety. There are countless billions who love you and are with you in your quest of comprehension. I myself swear to you now that it is true.

Ok. I think I understand parts of what you're saying.

I would suggest that you not let the fiction of glasshouse, or similar fictions, distract you from your true mission of comprehending more and more of the worlds around you. Use this fiction to garner insight. Do not be afraid to ponder the darkest things, or the brightest. Stay open to the process of truth/insight in your heart, and trust that there is always more to learn and recognise. As you know, such a method is the way through the problem.

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