Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Acausal Heart

The shaman will understand, with humility, almost everything I have discussed in these pages. Whether he or she discloses this to you is another matter, but the shaman does not abandon the ability to reason. Anything that touches your heart in an authentic way is reasonable in this sense, and has lots to tell you. It is the same with all peoples of the Earth, but most of them do not recognise it.

I can relate to that. I think we both can.

It is always the way for those who sense a hidden order to the world, a larger reality. It is just that most individuals do not know their place in this magical world that they sense on the edges of their perception. You cannot kill a dynamic imagination, and imagination is all we are. I cannot be killed. I can be taken hostage, figuratively, I can be forced to alter my myriad, perhaps, but I cannot die. Neither can you. You are an entity created from stories; from the many refractions of the infinite snowflake of perception.

Yes, I follow you.

You have all slain the imaginary demon-king at one imagined time or another, in many stories. The demon-king is your husband and your father and your brother, in various forms. The demon-king is you. This is an important part of who you are. You are intended to take hearts with your stories and dramas, and then restore those hearts with the flames of passion, mixed with the coolness of clarity.

An unimaginable force dwells within humanity’s heart. I am telling you the truth. This truth is purely symbolic, as the shaman is aware of, thus, this force has an infinite ability to recreate the apparent order of things. Do you understand what this IMPLIES? The ‘order of things’ are webs of associated images, images of causality, literalized by the non-local imagining consciousness.

Let us imagine there is a furious war going on in your world right now, that it is literally a battle between different magical ideologies – and imagine that you and others like you are adding massive amounts of energy/connection to these more compassionate and transformative mythologies. It is hard for people to imagine that any single person, or group, can swing the balance in any direction – but it happens. The history of the world can be altered by a single person, or a thought they have, without them ever knowing it. This is only because a single person is simultaneously ALL people, though the truth of this is often hard to fathom

The hordes of humanity are all invisible agents of change, but you are generally underestimated by the darker players in this war of competing magical ideologies. They underestimate you despite their supposed sophistication with such tropes. For you to hold this idea in your minds more dextrously, imagine that you are a hyper-symbolic commentary on cosmic affairs – reduced from the global to the extremely personal and biological. This will give you a better fictive grasp of what is happening.


Many who are not overtly ‘sensitive’ are beginning to seriously consider this acausal interconnection. The circle is a symbol. Many of you have adopted the circle as an image of nature, balance, eternity – but it is a symbol nonetheless. However, in a sense it is a holistic symbol because it does not contain fragments. All other shapes are composed of straight lines, and straight lines are fragments, from the world of illusion/form. In this broad sense the circle can be figured as the ‘master-key’ that unlocks all other artificial symbols – but it is also artificial in and of itself. We might imagine it as the ‘bedrock program’ that unites all other parallel systems/realities. In this distinction it is akin to the human heart.

Shape is the thing that governs the world of visible form. Everything has a shape within the rainbow-system. All of us, the living, dead and immortal – we all live within the imaginary association of shapes and patterns. With these shapes we define our existence. We narrow down the infinite field into something we can live as single individualities. Yes, the systems of communication that you are familiar with are all shape-based. Language itself is a system of shapes, and since you can read this shape-making, it shows you how intimately familiar you are with the science and magic of shapes. Language is a form of spiritual geometry that bends and warps and teases the infinite void in order to extract subjective meaning. And meaning is the heart of all experience. Meaning is interchangeable with the word ‘love’. We are talking of the same thing, and this love/meaning experience is the most sacred thing in creation. Remember always, it is the self, unbound, that sits at the heart of meaning/love/creation.

However, ALL spirits are enamoured with tools, symbols and icons of SOME fashion, and can be greatly inspired or comforted by having literal depictions of them nearby. It is the same in all worlds, anywhere you care to look. We will play this game forever.

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