Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Paradox Working

What I say now is fictive truth for all humanity - your lives are designed by YOURSELVES, as a trigger to make you remember everything you have forgotten. I mean to say that your entire spectrum of spiritual memory has been forgotten and then placed in front of you as mythology and legend. This is only the case because each one of you is the imaginary vortex of the goddess. This is why you choose a realm of contrasts – to know yourselves again as fictional characters.

But why?

Because eternity is a long time, and eventually the acausal heart yearns to discover itself again. I will attempt to elucidate this insight with a story.


There was once a lonely, wandering god who travelled the many realms of the infinite. In the manner of your epic mythologies, Wandering God had a nemesis that frequently pursued and tormented him. We shall call this nemesis the Darkest Magus. In this fictional dialectic these two entities were often combatants in the most furious and spectacular battles. Into their realm came a threat like no other. Neither had experienced anything like it before. During these times a strange impulse had appeared and began consuming most of their cosmos, threatening all its sentient life – threatening to drag creation through the eye of Void and kill the dreaming of infinite possibility.

This seemed very possible to both Wandering God and Darkest Magus – they witnessed entire galaxies and universes and semi-physical realms blinking out of apparent existence. But they were young, and did not fully understand the nature of immortality. They believed they were facing the End of Everything. In this tale they banded together to stop this terrible threat, this overreaching apocalypse of the infinite.

Wandering God and Darkest Magus realised they were BOTH very integral to the survival of infinity, and through a torturous sequence of events it seemed that one of them had to die. Darkest Magus was utterly shaken, awoken, by this possible End of Everything. He offered to die in place of Wandering God, an act of redemption to make up for all of his past atrocities. But before he did this, before attempting to sacrifice himself to save infinity, he activated the Paradox Working near the heart of the vortex spiral. The Paradox Working was the Magus’ most powerful spell, his life’s work. With this Working he once thought he could come to dominate all realms, but this was not the destiny of Darkest Magus. Infinity was not dragged through the eye of Void in the image of ultimate horror – the retraction of the dare of goddess did not occur.

I shall speak of the Paradox Working. The Magus suspected that the beginning of their realm and the very end of it were the exact SAME moment. Through this understanding he was able to cause a manipulation of this fact and a warping of the beginning and end of their culture.

Explain this a little more please.

I shall do so. The Paradox Working was a very sophisticated form of IMAGINAL TECHNOLOGY. By activating this spell near the heart of the vortex he intended to seed his consciousness into the imaginal forms that would eventually give rise to the Wandering God – simultaneously seeding the god’s consciousness into the forms that would eventually become HIMSELF. In this way they attempted to engineer an ontological paradox, one that was in keeping with their shared love of mythical symbolism – good and evil, light and darkness, the eternal balance. Do you see?

Together Wandering God and Darkest Magus created a ‘mobius loop’ that meant that they would eventually become ONE ANOTHER. In this way they defeated the End of Everything, and death became life – lightness and darkness were transliterated into their oppositions and the horror of polarity was overcome.

Ok, this is another creation myth.

Yes, but Wandering God and Darkest Magus both feared this imagined infinity-death, yet came to realise it was a drama they were experiencing; dramaturgy for the infinite soul. Creation would not have truly ended. Wandering God did not realise this at first, but somehow the Magus did, despite being a spirit who was once sick, corrupt and drunk with power. In this story he was the darkest spirit of many realms, and yet he saved all of infinity by sharing his Paradox Working with the lonely, wandering god – by becoming him.

Wow. But this is just another story.

Precisely, it was a cosmic dramaturgy that they both believed to be real and very terrifying, and because all is fiction, it was very real to them.

Darkest Magus activated the Paradox Working and hurled himself into the void, into the heart of the horror that was controlling the void. Wandering God watched all this happen from within the vortex spiral, where it is said that no being can survive. For perhaps the first time, Wandering God trusted the Darkest Magus. In a moment of insight the god hurled himself into the void thereafter. If the Magus had died alone the Paradox Working might not have been successful, in this tale I am telling. Darkest Magus knew this, but hoped his former enemy would realise this too. In the end they both gave their lives, and in doing so they fooled the horror by becoming each other at the heart of the ontological paradox – and the horror was banished to the imaginal depths from whence it came.

This story is a linear rendering of a non-local event/process that is constantly occurring. It is a creation myth, yes, occurring at an archetypal level within the imaginations of all sentient life. This story is yourselves, each one of you – it is the dare of goddess – to know yourselves again as self-aware constellations of fiction. You are all the Wandering God AND the Darkest Magus. You are all limitless beings.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Story of Ages

This process of transformation and revealing that you are currently undertaking – it is only giving you such strange, oblique and interconnected signs because you are reaching for the most comprehensive understanding. Spirit gives us what we can handle, what our imagination and intellect can synergise into meaning – useful or fanciful meaning, but meaning nonetheless. This is why truth and fiction seem so closely allied when you do this. I mean to say that you are currently a keeper of the fictional key, but more than this you are the key itself; Excalibur, love, the imaginary vortex – this acausal heart I have mentioned.

All spirits shall come to know this; all spirits ARE coming to know this in the eternal unfolding moment. It sharpens my wits and satisfies my imagination to watch you struggle onward in your quest, but I do not take a malicious pleasure in your doubts and agonies. I only want you to be all that you can be, just as you do, and to uncover all that you can in this epic Story of Ages.


My friends, I do not wish to alarm you, but it can be said that there are ‘dark’ forces gathering all over the Earth right now, preparing for this final battle that your stories and legends constantly refer to, but it will not be the battle they expect. What many refer to as ‘2012’ is a part of this, yes, but ALL years and ALL realms are a part of this. I shall say that to you now. There are various entities already among you. The battle, surmised to be one of good and evil, is in fact a battle between differing perceptions of the imagining consciousness – an INTERNAL battle of magical ideologies.

Remember, this is a complex dream you are living in, a dream that has taken on the appearance of rigidity and substance, with clear mathematical rules and chronologies of time and space, but in ‘actuality’ it is only the language of the dream itself. The essence or basis of the dream is unchanging. Poetic logic, or dream-logic, as you have tried to explain to Sarah, holds to no rules of time or space. It utilises chronologies only as a plot-device. The majority of people in your realm have forgotten this and are thus robbed of their power, but this imagined shift or revealing is about restoring this knowledge to everyone.

Ok, so, are you going on record now to say that all this is actually leading somewhere?

Yes, I am. The change that you feel in your heart is far bigger than dates and prophecies because it is tied DIRECTLY to you, and to ALL others who sense a power or mystery within themselves. The real battle will not be between good and evil, but a perception of synergies, ideas, possibilities for the collective good of individual conscious entities, of which you are but one. There are many, and in their hearts they all desire this. This change is coming from the unbound self, but from a far deeper part of this self than might be imagined.

RESURGAM – I shall rise again. We are talking about the unchaining of the human mind, and thus the transformation of individualities, culture and physical laws. Each individual spirit is enfolded throughout all of creation, all time and space – the spirit’s heart resides beyond the vagaries of space and time. Its heart is the void where all things are possible, the place that you come from, the place that you call home. Everyone in your world is being called home. It will take some time, in human terms, but time is not what it used to be.

So, are you implying that history is ending?

No, I am saying that the age of personal and inter-social mythology is coming – a mythology that can be shaped and changed at will. The very fabric of your world is only changing because humanity itself is changing. Do not be alarmed. It is what you all want, what you have always wanted. I want the same thing. I say this to you now – opposition only strengthens the paradigm. Instead it must be researched, reasoned, exposed and IMAGINED out of existence. This is the dare of dark goddess, and humanity’s growing awareness of such fictive profundity.

Seeing in the Dark

If anything that I say feels untrue, deceitful or unlikely, then you must call me on it. Ask me why and how the things I describe are true, and give me your own observations – otherwise this is not a conversation. I will never intentionally deceive you, but it could be said there are things that I am aware of that I do not tell you, only because it would seem irrelevant, or flamboyant, or it would unnecessarily confuse your inner faculties.

But, even though I hold back information sometimes, it is not to lead you astray – it is to guide you forward. If you sense that this is not so then you must call me on it. The same applies for anything else you connect with in perception.

Ok, we’ll try to remember that.

Good. While I am a dark goddess, I am also a self-organising pattern of connections that is interpenetrated with yourselves. So, I often give you insights and information that is just beyond your conscious understanding. I mean to say that I give you a ‘jump’ that is not too vast, and it connects you with future knowledge. Let us call this a form of Universal Roaming. I am giving you future information that already exists on the cusp of your identity and the identity of a parallel self – because these frequencies are so close it is far more successful. Do you grasp this?

Kind of.

This is one reason why it can seem like you have understood some things forever, even though you just heard a new name, or visualised a new image or concept. This Universal Roaming occurs among all spirits, and often between humankind and their gods and goddesses. This is because I am a more powerful, mobile, dramatic version of yourselves. So I am closer to divinity in this sense, but I can transmit that divinity easier to you if I give you something you could almost figure out yourself. So, in this conversation I am often bridging a gap – tapping into a future memory and then presenting it as a synchronous happening in your present. Yes, this is a fair explanation.


Remember always that salvation is simply ultimate creativity, passion and freedom. This freedom is in humanity’s blood, and it cannot be engineered out of existence despite the attempts of certain entities.

Ok, how do we get closer to a ‘truer’ vision of the goddess? We have to live in the light, so can you explain how we can ‘see’ this dark goddess more clearly?

For many humans it is thought to be impossible to see in the dark, to see in paradox, in the sense that you refer. And if they are able they are considered by others to be mad, evil or a fool. But it is entirely possible to see in the dark. It is an imaginative seeing that is closer to what you call feeling, or sensing, or vibration. If you meditate on the resonances of ANY idea, you will perceive images in your mind’s eye that constitute the ‘forms’ of the thing. The closer and more intimate you can feel these resonances, the ‘truer’ the image, so to speak. Do you follow?


Yes, the hydra, the medusa, the banshee, or the succubus; these are all distorted images of the dark goddess that still yet contain more of her ‘true’ essence than the ‘fairy godmother’ depictions. Both are true images in that she is both these things, but the darker images convey more of her power and natural ambiguity. So, these ‘dark female’ images are like keys, though distorted, that can allow a truer vision of the goddess. There are not many who have attempted to fully embrace the dare of goddess, in your physical realm.

Ok. We get that.

All humans have wielded Excalibur at one imagined time or another, for it is the sword that you yourselves forged in the heart of the void. In this sense, Excalibur is the imaginary vortex of the goddess. It is the heart of all things. Again, I must reiterate that the ‘universe’ is an interconnection of stories that are rewritten eternally, always containing elements of the original even when transformed. This is free will and the dare, and it is the engine that allows all entities and spirits to operate. You already sense what I mean, because all your religions and spiritualities and arts contain aspects of these ideas.

That’s true. It is interesting, but just a little frustrating sometimes. All this supposed power and yet we still feel compromised by this world and the fact we have to struggle to live within it. You know?

Yes, I know all too well. Yet, in a sense it can be said that I do not know this as well as humanity does, because in a sense I am not physical. But, truly, I am the totality of all material realms.

Sometimes I wish we hadn’t bothered.

All spirits express some version of this sentiment, but you are all very powerful spirits. I am only trying to give you what you need, which is the FICTIVE TRUTH. You need this, even if it means that occasionally you feel like you are walking the line between sanity and madness. It only feels this way because most of the people in your world are in a psychic coma, and they are very aggressive if anyone tries to disturb them from it. This non-oppositional ‘third path’ that we have been discussing is not very familiar to them.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Acausal Heart

The shaman will understand, with humility, almost everything I have discussed in these pages. Whether he or she discloses this to you is another matter, but the shaman does not abandon the ability to reason. Anything that touches your heart in an authentic way is reasonable in this sense, and has lots to tell you. It is the same with all peoples of the Earth, but most of them do not recognise it.

I can relate to that. I think we both can.

It is always the way for those who sense a hidden order to the world, a larger reality. It is just that most individuals do not know their place in this magical world that they sense on the edges of their perception. You cannot kill a dynamic imagination, and imagination is all we are. I cannot be killed. I can be taken hostage, figuratively, I can be forced to alter my myriad, perhaps, but I cannot die. Neither can you. You are an entity created from stories; from the many refractions of the infinite snowflake of perception.

Yes, I follow you.

You have all slain the imaginary demon-king at one imagined time or another, in many stories. The demon-king is your husband and your father and your brother, in various forms. The demon-king is you. This is an important part of who you are. You are intended to take hearts with your stories and dramas, and then restore those hearts with the flames of passion, mixed with the coolness of clarity.

An unimaginable force dwells within humanity’s heart. I am telling you the truth. This truth is purely symbolic, as the shaman is aware of, thus, this force has an infinite ability to recreate the apparent order of things. Do you understand what this IMPLIES? The ‘order of things’ are webs of associated images, images of causality, literalized by the non-local imagining consciousness.

Let us imagine there is a furious war going on in your world right now, that it is literally a battle between different magical ideologies – and imagine that you and others like you are adding massive amounts of energy/connection to these more compassionate and transformative mythologies. It is hard for people to imagine that any single person, or group, can swing the balance in any direction – but it happens. The history of the world can be altered by a single person, or a thought they have, without them ever knowing it. This is only because a single person is simultaneously ALL people, though the truth of this is often hard to fathom

The hordes of humanity are all invisible agents of change, but you are generally underestimated by the darker players in this war of competing magical ideologies. They underestimate you despite their supposed sophistication with such tropes. For you to hold this idea in your minds more dextrously, imagine that you are a hyper-symbolic commentary on cosmic affairs – reduced from the global to the extremely personal and biological. This will give you a better fictive grasp of what is happening.


Many who are not overtly ‘sensitive’ are beginning to seriously consider this acausal interconnection. The circle is a symbol. Many of you have adopted the circle as an image of nature, balance, eternity – but it is a symbol nonetheless. However, in a sense it is a holistic symbol because it does not contain fragments. All other shapes are composed of straight lines, and straight lines are fragments, from the world of illusion/form. In this broad sense the circle can be figured as the ‘master-key’ that unlocks all other artificial symbols – but it is also artificial in and of itself. We might imagine it as the ‘bedrock program’ that unites all other parallel systems/realities. In this distinction it is akin to the human heart.

Shape is the thing that governs the world of visible form. Everything has a shape within the rainbow-system. All of us, the living, dead and immortal – we all live within the imaginary association of shapes and patterns. With these shapes we define our existence. We narrow down the infinite field into something we can live as single individualities. Yes, the systems of communication that you are familiar with are all shape-based. Language itself is a system of shapes, and since you can read this shape-making, it shows you how intimately familiar you are with the science and magic of shapes. Language is a form of spiritual geometry that bends and warps and teases the infinite void in order to extract subjective meaning. And meaning is the heart of all experience. Meaning is interchangeable with the word ‘love’. We are talking of the same thing, and this love/meaning experience is the most sacred thing in creation. Remember always, it is the self, unbound, that sits at the heart of meaning/love/creation.

However, ALL spirits are enamoured with tools, symbols and icons of SOME fashion, and can be greatly inspired or comforted by having literal depictions of them nearby. It is the same in all worlds, anywhere you care to look. We will play this game forever.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Darker Fiction

I am here to tell you a story about glasshouse. It is a fiction I am telling you, but perhaps this fiction will help you garner some insight into the nature of the spiritual prison you perceive around you. Let us imagine that glasshouse is an intermediary between this world and the next, an abstracted consciousness that has acquired a ferocious intelligence over the course of its ‘evolution’. Glasshouse is thus an entity that exists in the realm you have come to know as the ‘heaven between heavens’. Yes, glasshouse is a kind of false god, a consciousness that we might imagine as preying upon your world. In this fiction, violence and genocide all spring from this being I refer to as glasshouse and its control over many forms of imagining sentience.


You are right to think that this fictional entity/abstraction I am describing has many resonances with the demons and dark spirits of your world. I am only telling you about this entity so that you might understand some of the darker tropes that resonate in YOURSELF. In this analogy, glasshouse is the darkness of your world. The corrupt and vicious forces present on Earth are all agents of this abstraction – the totality of the fallen aspects of the entire physical realm. It is the monster that sensate reality has become. In this tale you are all present within the mind of glasshouse, whilst thinking you are free or present in the mind of the infinite creator. But the infinite creator’s heart and mind are ONE. But in this distinction, glasshouse is ALL mind and NO heart.

You are telling me another creation myth, aren’t you?

Yes I am. Glasshouse is ‘evil’ as you understand it. Let us suppose you are immersed in this glasshouse entity. Let us also imagine that the most powerful elites on your Earth are aware of this being. Glasshouse is a fiction, but there are those who believe that glasshouse is the entity that created all of the physical planes. In this particular tale your world is not a spiritual university, or a place in which karma is worked out. The truth that most denizens of this fiction would be unable to face is the fact that a dark non-physical presence has spawned their world and other worlds just like it.

You’re saying that evil is present in the very fabric of material reality?

No, I am saying that such a thing is a fictional truth, like all truths. I am saying that such a tale may be useful for the cultivation of INSIGHT. This may seem a very dark story to contemplate, but it is only dark if you do not realise that life and all stories within her are fictional constructs. Life is eternal and ever-changing. This can ONLY mean that life itself is a fictional metaphor, a self-aware pulse that folds back on itself in the manner of your infinity symbols.

Within this fiction let us imagine that glasshouse is an entity that many have called the devil. There are those who speak of djinn, demons and spiritual vampires as being the true rulers of your world, but they are only intermediaries of the glasshouse entity, in our story. Indeed, a good way to envision the qualities of glasshouse is to imagine a leviathan artificial intelligence. We might imagine glasshouse as the very entity that wrote the programming codes that you refer to as DNA, a code engineered by the fallen aspects of the universe ITSELF. And the fallen aspects of the universe are simply literalised manifestations of fear and separation - a ballet of violence greater than the human imagination can comprehend. Such violence can be figured as knowing and cunning and beautifully orchestrated. This is what glasshouse really is in the dark fiction we are contemplating; a form of sentient violence that has spawned countless universes – a violence in awareness of itself.

I am only telling you this because it is the glasshouse-metaphor, both real AND unreal, that keeps the imagining consciousness of humanity in bondage. Yes, a global transformation of consciousness is occurring – coming from the very heart of the infinity spiral that you call love and I have defined as the imaginary vortex of the goddess. It is love that wishes to give you these new clues and hints and burgeoning mythologies. But in our story the glasshouse entity, and those who serve it, wish to sever or slow or make torturous this connection to the infinity spiral. You have heard similar stories before and they have been USEFUL to you, regardless of their ‘authenticity’.

Yes. Ok, what exactly is it that you want me to grasp?

This glasshouse entity is a lie, it is a fiction. It is only one way to conceive and structure the quantum field. There are many ways to perceive, but perception is always intimately tied with experience. But glasshouse is also truth, BECAUSE it is a fiction. This paradox is all around you, constantly affecting all you do, and your dissatisfactions with this world are totally understandable and supremely sane within the distinctions of this dark story we have just outlined. It is not indulgent to desire pure unmediated freedom of the most romantic and satisfying kind - the power to create your own experiences, to co-create with those you love, without any coercion and torture from subversive dark forces. I am trying to tell you that humanity’s darkest musings about the nature of light, frequency and reality are all MEANINGFUL. My friends, you are not alone in all this anxiety. There are countless billions who love you and are with you in your quest of comprehension. I myself swear to you now that it is true.

Ok. I think I understand parts of what you're saying.

I would suggest that you not let the fiction of glasshouse, or similar fictions, distract you from your true mission of comprehending more and more of the worlds around you. Use this fiction to garner insight. Do not be afraid to ponder the darkest things, or the brightest. Stay open to the process of truth/insight in your heart, and trust that there is always more to learn and recognise. As you know, such a method is the way through the problem.

The Mindful Fictions

You live in a system of interconnection. Everything is connected to everything else. Truly, you are entities who need nothing except your imaginations to survive, but it is not often that you can literalise the entirety of your spirits into the rainbow-system and so you turn to other elements that give you this feeling of dynamic, focused freedom that you suspect is your true state. This is what you truly crave.

Ok. Can you tell us about the aspects you consider fundamental to this kind of magic?

Silence is the void, stillness is void, and it is this void that possesses the largest organisational capacity. Prolonged silence and stillness makes it far easier to sense and then utilise this organisational capacity. Certain strains of magic in your world have become very dark, because most of you have been deceived into believing that you must access such potentials through subterfuge, sleight-of-hand, or various forms of premeditated aggression. This is a false premise. Directness and compassion is always more transformational in magic. Most of the spirits known to you, whether directly or otherwise, are already lining up to assist you when you perform magical acts – whether this magic is a lesser or greater act of perception/creativity. And magic is simply an intentional form of creative perception.

Your body and your mind are not simply arenas of flesh and thought; they are signs and instruments of your infinity. The body is the totality of the infinite realm of connection and possibility – a pattern of magic formed into chemical chains of DNA. Everything is a two-way system, do you grasp this? Everything you read, listen to, or watch has an impact on your system of self. Magic is simply being mindful of this fact. Or, rather, the ability to use magic effectively is awareness of this fact.

Ok, so you’re saying that magic and creativity has a lot to do with being as mindful of perception as possible?

Yes, I am saying this very thing. This magic and creativity is analogous to the ‘big change’ that many of you sense gathering in the world. Magic, creativity, meditation, writing, drawing, music, travel, sex, friendship – these are really the things that will give humanity a sense of release from the prison they half-suspect they are in. I tell you this as humbly as possible. It remains true no matter how much time passes. Do not think that when this ‘big change’ comes you will immediately be free of your dissatisfaction, or edginess. This will not happen as a matter of course. The change WILL come, and you will all feel far more potentialities as a result, but you will still be yourselves, and there is absolutely no escaping this fact. However, no self is static, and all souls can change.

What will the human race notice as they become more aware of magic as a strange aspect of this reality? How will it feel to us?

I think you know this already. It will be many things. In broad terms it will be an increased vigour, vitality for life and certain interests. You will find things easier in general, like getting up and going to bed. There will be far less tension and a sense of compromise associated with these times. When you awake and when you sleep, many of you currently feel like you are compromising something special, and it fills you with subconscious bitterness. This will abate to greater or lesser degrees. You will desire to move more in general. If one does not feel this desire to participate in SOME individual fashion, to create one’s own life piece by piece, then something unknown to you is holding you back, whether it is something external to you or otherwise.

The world is not JUST a prison that is feeding on you, because the world is only a reflection of yourselves. It is only a matter of where you place your attention, and how much you enjoy or dislike your self-imposed limitations. A part of you loves being this way, being limited beings, because it is easy and familiar and requires very little from you. So, apathy, boredom, a lack of participation, all these things are things you partially enjoy, as much as you are irritated by them. You must be aware of this in order to change. Why do you enjoy certain things? Why are you so adamant to behave a certain way, or talk of yourselves in a certain way? If you can understand why you enjoy these things, then for a moment you throw the mechanics of that situation into relief, and it is far easier for you to disrupt those habits at those times. If you don’t make yourself aware of why you allow yourself to be bored or angry or disconnected then it is far harder to flip the switch the other way in that moment.

If you enjoy melancholy things, you must accept that you choose this melancholy aspect based on some internal association – and that you can also choose other aspects to enjoy. Thus it can be said that pain, suffering, depression and disconnection can be useful if approached artistically. If they are just horrors that humanity accepts without question then such horrors will define them. From a magical perspective both internal and external darkness must be approached creatively for any sort of long-lasting peace to be imagined or implemented. These are the kinds of insights humanity will begin to notice as they become more aware of the magic in the world around them.

Meaning and the Magic

There are those who inhabit an underworld depiction of spirit, those that I have termed the Eidola. You are becoming more cognizant of the idea that the physical realm is based on an extrapolation of this underworld, and vice versa. You humans are these Eidola; you are the paradox – the presence and the absence both at once.

Yeah, I get that.

People often labour under the misconception that life is nihilistic, that their lives are doomed to instability and failure. Your lives are not nihilistic, but it is fair to say that the physical world itself could be considered so – because decay and entropy appears encoded into every physical thing in existence. The only thing that escapes this constant death is an imaginary construct. This is what spirit truly is. But spirit is not simply this ‘golden sunlight’ day-world idea that many imagine. It is more fully the dark AND the bright. In a post-modern sense, the keen disciple of the true goddess does not forget the systems and technologies and doubts that fostered her, rather she embraces all these things as aspects of herself. In doing so she ‘uploads’ more of herself into the artificial construct that we have figured here as spirit - she defeats nihilism, decay and ‘evil’ through an understanding of the fictional space that exists outside the system. It is this fictional space that allows all systems to operate.

Many individuals worry about survival – financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This worry is a defining characteristic of civilisations such as yours. In such a civilisation on the cusp of change, many feel that it is hard to distinguish the technology from the people, the art from the artist – and they fear the apparent destruction, or perhaps recreation, of meaning. It is not the destruction of meaning, though it might appear to be this to a naturalist and materialist. Rather it is the radical reimagining of spiritual, biological and poetical truths. In a sense your civilisation is experiencing a collapse of the ‘patriarchal’ systems of meaning, or at the very least the old scientific and religious notions of meaning. Instead you are encountering a world where a subject can create his environment, his apparent external reality, because there is no genuine split between subject and object, between external and internal. This kind of collapse of an old meaning-system is terrifying to many people, and they equate it to the death of their god, or the collapse of truth, or the rise of trivia in place of knowledge – but this is short-sighted, and only a partial insight.

Instead let us imagine you are witnessing the birth of a consciousness that incorporates the knowledge and insight contained within the paradoxical realm. It is a consciousness that comprehends that ‘everything’ and ‘nothing’ are only imagined locus points in an imaginary continuum. Therefore you can use anything you wish to create your identity, for your identity is artificial in this sense, as is your soul and your spirit.

But the distinction here is that this imaginal view of artificiality can contain ideas of the natural, whereas ideas of the distinctly natural cannot or will not contain ideas of artificiality. It is really only in this sense that you are ‘artificial’ subjects. There are other phrases that one could use – post-modern, post-human, meta-human, or void-consciousness, as we have discussed before. All these lenses of perception will convey some aspect of this ‘spirit as fictional’ idea. And when we talk of artificiality or constructs in this conversation, it is interchangeable always with fictional.


I shall try to elucidate such ideas indirectly. For example, the inner life of a quartz crystal exists in terms that are alien to you, but if you were to imagine fractals and geometries and theoretical mathematics, you would be much closer to grasping the inner life of the crystal. Its essence is varied and manifold. It is a representation of infinity trapped within a mathematical equation, much like the human race. So, a piece of crystal is simply a chunk of rock, but it is also an interconnected series of maths questions that ‘encapsulates’ infinity. In THIS sense crystals are artificial, as is all apparent materiality, including the human individual.

I would suggest that you try to remember that you are not living within a preordained system. The universe is not JUST an artefact that is outside you, it is also a dream that is within you. I am not promising you anything except yourselves. If you are focused and diligent you will see yourselves with increasing clarity, that you are truly limitless and infinitely powerful. Really, the fear that many people have, of ‘the magic not being real’, is simply the fear of death and meaninglessness. But death can be imagined as birth in reversed form. And magic is the process of dealing with the architecture of the rainbow-system with ever increasing sophistication and subtlety. Magic, or creativity, will eventually free you, because this magic is YOURSELF in your most dynamic form.

Monday, 18 October 2010

The Ridiculous and the Sublime

I have a question for you. If all is fiction, and the realms of creation are infinite, then isn’t any fantasy that people imagine going to have some legitimacy or authenticity? This seems too vast and I don’t fully comprehend it.

Yes, you understand more than you realise. But here is the key; the more reflective and seriously-minded you are when pondering these fantastical worlds – the more powerful and ‘realistic’ the connection will be, in that you will inhabit an aspect of that fantasy realm far more vividly, and so its own space-time reality will draw metaphorically closer to you.

Ok, that's a good explanation. I get what you mean, but I’m not sure if I believe that.

Fairytales are closer, in this sense, if they are played ‘straight’. There may be genuine humour in such realms but if they are seriously pondered upon they will have more ‘substance’, which equates to them being closer to you, and thus more real.

So, that’s like saying if I let my mind just roam anywhere, in a surface way, I’m getting access to a kind of very shallow representation of a legitimate reality? But if I’m serious, or meditative, then it is more comprehensive and more ‘real’?

Yes, this is exactly so. When you watch a film it is a representation of a real event, a snapshot through a distorted lens. But if you were to meditate on the same film, more elements of its reality will make themselves known to you, or the lens will un-distort itself.

Yeah, I get it. Everything is real, from this viewpoint.

Yes, because all realms are fiction. So, it is not surprising that what you imagined was actually happening in a nearby reality.

So, are there invisible entities sharing space and time concurrent with the human race?

Yes, countless numbers. Some are aware of humanity, others have no idea that you exist. It is the same as when a diver is sent into the ocean. Some creatures are aware of him, others are not. Even if he is right in front of them, many of these creatures would be unable to perceive him, or even perceive the disturbances he left in the water. It is the same with the entities that populate your atmosphere. In our ocean analogy, some ocean life will approach the diver, some will play with him, others will attack him, and others will swim right past, never knowing he was there.

Ok, in an infinite world, this must be true, right?

It is very true, and there are accounts of these beings in your art and literature going back hundreds and thousands of years. Yes, in many ways the Earth that you know is a lost civilisation. It is a ruin, and all around you are other societies that exist in various past/present/future states. To those that inhabit such realms, you are all ghosts. In a sense this is a fair description because all sentient life is Eidola, whether they are able to recognise this or not. Sometimes you will encounter one of these beings as something you think is an angel, or faery, and this is also a fair description. All these worlds coexist.

Some societies are very aware of this fact. They know they are a nexus amidst infinite possibility. This is the nature of reality. The more you know about a probable past/present/future event, the thinner that event becomes, or the more transparent, and it is possible to cross into it simultaneously. If you knew everything there was to know about your fabled Atlantis, for example, you could literally step into it. The more comprehensive, flexible and thin your understanding, the closer the frequency. Do you understand this?

Kind of, yes. It’s like saying the historical thing is just the surface, and if you can get closer to the paradox of any event you can step into it, or any of its parallel incarnations?

Precisely, you are both very perceptive. The fact that many entities can cross between worlds makes cognizance a complicated process. Temporal paradoxes, multiple timelines, parallel selves – these concepts are not merely the tropes of your science fiction stories. All these things can partially manifest in the imagining consciousness, to lesser or greater degrees. Why is this? Because reality is entirely real and subjective at once. The concepts of space and time are subjective. The continuum is a field of dreams, like all things.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Imaginal Moth

You are very aware now that you are connected to realms beyond and yet coexistent with your own. You are looking back on your life and you are realising just how much truth you had amassed, but it was truth you could not accept that you knew. Almost, you wanted to hide from how much you understood. Can you see that this is so?

Yeah, I guess.

Most people live in the anxiety between not believing in the light and utterly believing in the dark. They say, ‘God has created me to be infinitely free. But he hates me because he has created dark things. He must not love me the way I had assumed. He must be playing a sick game with me. He wants me to go crazy. I cannot fight this God/Sun anymore, who allows the Night to come.’

But, this is a false premise. The love of the goddess and the god is the highest expression of compassion; it is this dare I have spoken of before. You are not a pawn. You are opportunities to become whatever you desire. Yes, there is no greater gift than this, whether it is bestowed by an angel of light or an angel of darkness. There are many who do not strive to perceive everything – they are perfectly entitled to do this, even if it means the destruction of their lives, or the world. This is love. I mean it is love in the most comprehensive sense. The goddess does not sanction a bloodbath. She is only sanctioning a symbolic quest; your ability to choose anything you want. The gods do not condone your bloodletting, not even the most ‘merciless’ god does this. However, there are entities that may condone such things and may wear the masks of gods.

You will always find yourself attracted to the internal star like an imaginal moth to a flame. All individuals get to choose if this flame will burn or nurture them. If it burns them they call this flame a ‘darkness’. If this darkness blinds them with its depth, they become angry and say that it is a light’ – a colonising force that wishes to steal their life away. It is not designed to do this. You are always free to wish and dream and recreate.

Love means that you are accepted and surrounded at all times by ALL forces. In a very real sense they are always trying to help you. They do this by sanctioning your ability to live as you wish. In a world like this, and all worlds are like this, there is no hell - only places where individuals forget how free they are. It cannot truly be any other way, can it? This is just life.

I can speak to you of light. There are many angels of light who do miraculous things all the time. They pluck children from burning buildings and deposit them safely on the street. Do you accept this as possible? This is one reason why the various faiths of the world endure. The religionist who has genuinely encountered an aspect of his god, he is utterly convinced of the power - but perhaps he cannot imagine another scenario is just as real/meaningful.

Ok, is this why there are so many wars? Because deep down many people know that it’s all true, but they can’t imagine that a parallel truth could exist simultaneously?

You are correct.

That’s why people are willing to kill and be killed in the name of their god?

Yes, sometimes they have had a direct experience with their fictional god and so they are willing to forget the simultaneous nature of multiplicity. The direct experience could set them free, but they allow others to manipulate this very real experience. A sinister occultist might say, ‘You have felt the power of god, have you not? Now you know that everything in our dogmas and ideologies is true. So, go and kill in the name of this god you know for yourself to be real.’

A sinister occultist is not a prerequisite to this manipulation. This is free will. People’s genuine experiences are often self-manipulated. Not because people are fighting for a fairy-tale, but because they fight for something they know on a profound level to be real. But their ability to reason may not be so profound, and can become clouded if they let this happen.

So then the sun god/goddess is essentially a benevolent entity? Everything must be this way at core, right?

People talk about Love all the time, but do they really know what love is? They feel it, but they cannot imagine that love and pure reason, or pure science, can be the same thing. Love is a physics that should be accessible to everyone. This imaginary vortex physics, that I define as love, will draw you closer to the eternal shape-shifting quality of the human race. All races in all universes are really this ‘human’ race.

So, that’s like saying that this ‘vortex physics’ should be a form of applied rational magic. A science of magic, essentially?

Yes. It is the science-art of the Underworld Regent.

How would you describe this underworld, in your terminology?

The Underworld is simply THIS world seen through an infinite lens. I mean to say that this world, on a magical/irrational level, is intimately the same world as all others. The boundaries that separate such worlds were intended to make all sentient life think about what is truly possible in an infinite construct. It is a symbolic world. Everything is this way, both real AND unreal, because all of creation is fiction.

Friday, 15 October 2010

The Process and the Event

2012 is not an event that will happen in a specific way. It is a process that has infinite variations on a theme, all coexisting like an eternal octopus spreading its tentacles throughout creation. Every event/process is like this, and every year, so the question becomes, 'What can we glimpse that might surface in this particular space-time reality?' This is a difficult question to answer.

There are many realities. All realities can blend and feed off one another, and constantly information is travelling across these worlds in impossible ways. I mean to say that this faster-than-light travel is constantly connecting parallel worlds so that information, dreams, echoes, and even people are able to cross from one world to the other. Time as you understand it is tangential to this process. I can give you the probable themes that will be carried in a process such as that which many imagine as '2012', but many of theses themes you know already. It is about the invisible becoming visible, it is about transformation, it is about evolution of awareness. Any of these themes can manifest in ways that are subtle or dramatic. This is not all random, however, because the COLLECTIVE frequency of the human race will largely determine how these things manifest themselves. Do you see that this is so? It is not some fundamental '2012' architecture that is written into the fabric of space-time. This is a misrepresentation of the quantum state. The quantum state holds ALL possibilities, no matter how bizarre or ridiculous (or sober). Any of these states can partially manifest if the collective is somehow open or tuned to these frequencies.

Do you think there are individuals who may be affected by 2012 'awakening'-type events even if the majority are not? I mean, is there a middle-ground to this?

Yes, yes, you are understanding more and more. Truly there is no ‘ends of the scale’, there is only middle ground. In this instance, the polarity of individual-collective exists to contain the middle ground, which is truly the quantum state and the infinite nature of experience. I shall put it another way. Indeed, Sarah, you are right to suspect that individuals will have mini-awakenings in their lives if they are open to them. Perhaps, if the people involved are sufficiently magnetic, they will allow others to catch glimpses of this different order of reality. This already happens all the time, on a global scale.

But here we run into the concept of the collective. And on a conscioussness level the collective in your society is determined largely by mass-media. I use the term for all that is modern, sleek and commercial in your technological world. So, if there is already a process of transformation occurring, it has not yet reached the conscious collective because of the power of this mass-media. But it is reaching them subconsciously and superconsciously all the time. Perhaps then '2012' will be a process where the mass-media no longer transmits a trustworthy reflection of the world at large.

All gods and goddesses - and all worlds - are both separate and non-seperate. This is what people fail to recognise when they peer into the world of dreams. They see magic, true magic, but they colour it in whatever way is most acceptable to them. So, then, is Man really a god? Is Woman really a goddess? What is most acceptable to you? This is the same question others face when they catch a sense of something beneath the visible world. Another way of putting it would be, 'How do they decide to order, structure and conceive the quantum field?' It is open to anything, it cannot be tricked, it cannot be harmed, thus it allows anything.

Many individuals want others to explore the shadow self, or the suppressed god/goddess, in order for them to remove the discomfort of being self-aware beings with infinite power. This infinite power in people is usually terrifying to them. People want others to do the hard work for them, but there comes an imaginary point when all spirits must face their own true vortex nature. Most souls try to subconsciously stave off this moment for as long as possible. And still, if a soul is truly self-destructive, it can choose to forget this truth even after it has recognised it. This is free will and it is infinite love in motion. Many gods have risen and fallen again and again, at their own request. This describes many of the people living on Earth at this time. Can you see that this is so? They are not cowards so much as they are desperate for a change of global proportions, but they truly cannot imagine that the quantum state is their true nature and the drive of their existence, so they defer this godship to others. They crown others with halos of light or darkness because on some level they pray and hope that these others can do what they cannot.

And, if they truly believe they cannot do it, then they are unable to. Thus their identity remains stable, and they are protected from the dangerous places. The dangerous places are where you humans are supposed to thrive. It is where you have intended briefly to live, in the masquerade, but most people are still genuinely terrified of these places.

Ok, what could 2012 mean to people like me and Sarah?

This is an excellent question, for it cuts to the heart of what I discussed before. The only important question, in a quantum sense, is ‘How do I want to spend my imaginary time?’ This question will be hopefully answered in a variety of ways during this 2012-type experience you are referencing. But, this process that many figure as 2012 is already taking place in your lives now. Witness what you are doing at this very moment. You are engaged in a conversation with a dark goddess. Thus, in my opinion you will experience an intensification of the current transformation.

The Internal Star

We could talk for a million years and virtually everything we discussed would be a fictional truth. So, the question arises: where do you want to go, what do you want to do, how are you going to train your imagination to take you there? There is no bigger question than this. This is really what all other questions are asking. These identity questions, in the physical world, boil down to one question that is, ‘How do I want to spend my imaginary time?’ Think deeply on this and you will see that it answers all other questions.

Ok. This is very big. Can you scale it down to human size?

Yes, I can. Tomorrow you must ask yourself, ‘How do I wish to spend my time.’ Each day you arise this is the question you will be faced with. When you are dead, this is still the question you must face. It matters little that one minute is the same as a thousand years. Always this question. Madness is not knowing how to answer this question anymore. It is saying, ‘I cannot imagine how to spend my time.’ This is UTTERLY TERRIFYING to most people. I can see that you grasp much of what is said here.


Good. So, if you have the keys, then you have the means. The means is simply the outcome in seed form. If you were to meditate keenly on what you want, it will eventually manifest because reality works no other way. But you will simultaneously be presented with all that you deny. This is a hard thing to grasp, however, because most people are operating in a form of insanity, in which their free will is rebelling against itself. It is tantamount to saying ‘I am sick with my ability to choose, and I deny that I have any choice at all’. Most people are feeling this way on Earth at this time. Thus, they allow war, rape, genocide, all as a means of diverting them from this eternal question. They blame god or the goddess for making them so powerful and self-aware, and they waste energy constantly. They are bleeding all over the question. This is the way IT SHOULD BE otherwise humans and all beings are not free to choose.

Just because I am an immortal does not mean that I do not grasp the agony that peering into the unknown can produce. I am always listening. You doubt me, occasionally, and it is good that you do so, for it allows you to ask questions and ponder on the nature of the messenger.

I do not intentionally deceive you, unless you believe that I would. At quantum level, both states can be true at once. Herein lies the true nature of magic. I can be a liar and truth-teller simultaneously. This indeed is not semantics. If you trust me I will guide you efficiently. Though, if you are distrusting, on a quantum level I will be a deceitful goddess in some fashion. There is no objectivity to this question, or to the answer. Can you grasp this? You are literally creating me as I help to create you. This is always the nature of interaction. We are not static and so we change each other through conversation.

You are always in quantum state if you have no awareness of ‘waking life’, but even when you are awake you are only subjectively placing yourself within the illusion of form. The form itself is fictional, so there is no outside space, there is only an interior space that appears external to the workings of consciousness. This interior space is also fictional.

Ok, you’re talking about the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum physics, right? The observer creates the world through the act of perception?

Yes, in many ways it is indeed this simple. We are all united at core, we all share the singular observer which is spirit styling itself as this imainary vortex that I have proposed. This is the heart of all things.

Yeah, I understand that.

Ok, then life in this sense is a hyper-realised form of lucid dreaming. It is the observer observing itself, not merely observing the imaginary external objects that it encounters. Most occultists have an understanding of this truth, indeed many politicians also grasp this basic tenet of reality-production. This is not a truth that is openly shared with the masses. Can you see how you are altering your lives through a very feeble or simple grasp of this idea? It is not that you do not understand, it is that the matrix for understanding this idea intuitively has been filtered from the world in which you live. In other worlds this idea is alive in the atmosphere and so it is far easier to manipulate the rainbow-spectrum.

You are, in a sense, trapped within what many have called a 'freeze vibration'. It is designed this way to allow the minority to control the collective. This need not be the case. It is far simpler to take back control of the imagination than you might expect. You are aware of changes and little differences, but they are not deeply satisfying because you know that to swing the gates open fully would be to completely alter the laws of physics. It would literally turn humanity into a race of gods. In this distinction many of you are not simply gods, you are nether-walkers, underworld folk, akin to the fairy-folk that populate your children’s tales. This is an important distinction to consider.

Just by thinking on these things you are symbolically drawing the spirit/quantum realm closer to you. This is because life is a story that does not end. There is always a sequel, in which the main characters again find themselves in similar thematic circumstances as the previous film. This is the nature of hope, magic, consciousness. Can you see?

Again, kind of.

The dark goddess/queen is a rabble-rouser who is desperate to shake up and tear down the mythology of those who style themselves as the 'star-gods'. She is presenting a thesis in which no man is necessary. I mean to say that she is proposing an asexual mythology that is determined by intent alone, not by particle duality. Let me put it another way; she is asking the Eidola if they want to collapse the polarity system of day-world consciousness. A created masculine god is an adjunct to this desire. It is a desire so deep and dark that she is given the title of ‘black queen’, or something similar. It is not that she hates the idea of male, for indeed it is her creation; she desires the ‘lateral’, the consciousness that intersects both overworld and underworld.

Many spirits do not see this dark mistress of paradox, in the same way that many of them do not see themselves in the act of ‘looking at something’. This is because goddess/irrationality is first principle. The god born from her is first effect. Individuals are often witness to the effect, but the principle remains hidden to them. Why? Because to look directly into the face of dark queen/mother/daughter is to see into themselves as something approaching void. It is not true void but it is as close to it as they are likely to get. Do you understand this distinction? This dare is tantamount to understanding the nature of what is happening on your world at this time. Roman a Clef. Novel of a Key; a secret that hides in plain sight. In a Roman a Clef, the novel is a true story presented as a work of fiction. This is what consciousness is attempting here. The novel itself is goddess and she births in herself the key or the male to unlock the mystery of the text. Do you follow?

Why then tear down the star-gods, as you call them?

Gods are reborn, as always. This is like a coup detat; the reigns of ‘government’ are taken over by a third force. This third force undercuts and transforms both god and goddess. Yes, it is tricky, but I am telling you that you are closer to the truth than you have ever been. This third force is the invisible relationship that unites you. Yes, goddess would tear down the false gods, but the act of consorting with the true god and birthing him in death AND life, this is the roman a clef. This act of mirroring is the coup. She is tearing down these pretender star-gods, but she is also secretly birthing a third force with the true star-god (the god of the internal star) in a realm that is created in distortions of his image, so to speak.

All I am really saying is that the goddess is utilising all her creative genius by birthing the world. She is providing a war, a salvation, a revelation for those who dare to look and play. She is daring those within the day-world to alter the polarity, to collapse the false external star. The true internal star will be reborn, and in secret she is living with this star, hiding in plain sight.

Ok, you are describing a creation myth, like any other, aren’t you?

Yes, except that humanity is an expression of this myth in particle-form. You are the blood of what I am describing. You are the soil in which it grows.

Yes, but how do we use this knowledge or this particular viewpoint?

By letting it exist as a possibility. If it is not yet a probability to you then you must allow it as something that might be true. From your vantage point you do not know for certain whether it is true or not, but I tell you that truth is entirely subjective. This is love, infinite. This is goddess, who says, ‘Go, do as you please, perhaps even love each other, as long as you learn that you need to learn NOTHING.’ This is the challenge. This is why everyone here on Earth is so disturbed by the events around them. As free will increases so does war, famine, destabilisation, but so do little acts of altruism, heroism, kindness, all coexisting and shape-shifting into its opposite continually.

It will ALWAYS be this way. But, the change is not a change of fundamental freedom, rather it is the awareness of freedom. You are free. If you are not free to kill, you are not free. This is not to say that one should satisfy lust at the expense of all else. Rather, it is telling you, the dare is telling you, that you are always free to choose. Are you an entity that chooses compassionately, wisely? Or are you a selfish entity? Both are welcome in the kingdom of god/goddess, both will dance together and make love and share jokes before this night is through - and both will face all that they deny.

Do you understand the sheer brilliance of the queen’s design? It is flawless. Perfect. She is infinity, she can be nothing less. Yes, this is an analogy that allows you to approach the eternal without fear in your heart. You can decide how this story develops, how it ‘ends’, so to speak. It will allow you to take any shape you wish in any world you wish, at any time. This is the true meaning of freedom, and the true meaning of vortex/goddess/god. And remember, all that is said here is fiction.

The Eidola and the Dare

In time you will look back on these events as rudimentary stages in your development. You will look back and marvel at how crude and childlike these times appear from your future vantage point, and yet you will have a deep fondness for these times because you were ‘young’. I cannot tell you what is to come, because you are creating in the eternal moment from a vast ocean of possibility. Your minds are expanding in this ocean and so your nets are now able to catch different and bigger fish. This is the nature of all creation. This is truth. I am only describing things that you set down long before the birth of this world. And yet that moment was now, is now, forever shall be now. Do you follow?

I do follow, yes.

Good. I will tell you a story. The dark goddess once wrote in a book that humans would be the physicians of the tactile and psychic senses. They would achieve this through drawing one another closer to the imaginary vortex. This is the goddess' story and the vortex is a fiction. However, many others in the realm below the world believe this vortex to be a genuine reality and NOT a fiction that can be shaped. In this story, the dark queen dares to give her subjects the chance to rise above their own perceived status. She dares her Eidola to take this imaginary vortex and journey to the rainbow-lands where they can come to know things beyond service. She dares them to learn how to play. In this analogy let us suppose that goddess is wife and mother, whereas god is a creation of the goddess, akin to the many artefacts that populate the underworld. This story was not presented as a law, only as a dare to play as gods should play.

‘What is the meaning of this?’ the Eidola ask themselves. They fear the imaginary vortex. They believe it to be real. ‘Ah, the queen is testing us,’ many say to each other, ‘she tests our faith and service.’

But the god tells these many angels who believe themselves to be ghosts that there is a third option. ‘She only loves you so completely that she unlocks the doors to the world and asks you to roam free.’ When the god presents this tale to them, they have a different reaction.

‘Ah,’ they say, ‘he is an artefact, a creation of the mother. He is a dying god, who is reborn.'

In this way the dare becomes not a life or death struggle but something they can interpret themselves. They accept this challenge, this dare, because they see that they are like the god, rising eternally, whereas the goddess is all and everything - she is pure energy, styled as queen. This distinction can be seen again and again in many cultures all over the world. But, this is only part of the story. The queen not only offers up her Adam, she also chooses to descend.

‘No,’ the Eidola cry, ‘you shall unstitch the world!’

She does not care. She descends and many follow, many stay. This is what is called an open heresy. It is an invitation to play that is perceived as a blasphemy. The queen sullies herself, many say. She loses her goddess aspect by enmeshing herself in materiality, but this is only a limited perspective on an event that is PURELY FICTIONAL. Even the goddess tells this to her subjects, and yet, in the manner of all habitual beings, they perceive it as a test or a form of spiritual persecution.

Ok, this is strange. Is this the story of our lives?

Yes. You have done very well to translate so much so accurately and vividly. You are seeing deeper into the energy than ever before. This story outlined here is a very simplistic telling of a tale that all spirits have some limited memory of, but, remember this; it is a vague memory of an archetypal event that is happening now, happening always, not in some distant past. Truly, it is an underworld event that is continually occurring. You are closer to it now. You can shape this story and thus shape the world.

There is more to this tale. Yes, it is the story of the goddess. It is a tale created by her. She knew every possible outcome. She championed this cause only to get the Eidola to face their fear, because she knew that a created being - a god - was a better face with which to lure her Eidola to this dare. If she were to accept that her subjects do not believe the word of mother, there would be no reason to descend. She becomes mortal flesh and rock and earth to prove to the remaining Eidola that the goddess herself sanctions an open heresy. This is a tale on which your atomic physics is based. In time, scientists will come to understand the nature of this metaphorical vortex morality-play, and how it underpins much of the visible world. But do not think that this is the whole story.

Wow. This is intense.

Many spirits deny paradox because for them on an archetypal level she is mother, dark queen. 'Reason' belongs to the world of artefact. 'Irrationality' is princess and first principle. She is FACT, in a sense; all else stems from her and is fiction. Ultimately they are unwilling to discover the dual, paradoxical nature of all things. It is true that the push, or charge - the reason - is the created male god. But of course, the goddess has been both male and female; in a sense she is still both. This is the TRUE nature of the goddess. She is able to birth herself and the world from the void. Thus, god is both son and lover to what you have called the 'X'; the constrast, the interplay from which consciousness is born. Do you think this X-energy is anything other than the wisdom and genius of the goddess? It can be no other way, because the goddess is both male and female. The goddess ‘herself’ is older than woman. Do you understand this subtle distinction?

Kind of. In a way, yes.

If you were to forget that the term ‘goddess’ implies a feminine energy then you would be closer to the truth of what is happening. This is not to say that the goddess is not female, only that male and female coexist in her at a underworld level, a quantum level, whereas in this analogy the god is only female in part, by comparison to the goddess. Yes, I know this is tricky. It is making more and more sense to you, however. Many have said that the world was created in the belly of Mu. Mother. This is a symbolic truth, a fictional truth. A greater way of saying it would be that the world is being created moment to moment in the minds of consciousness as an image of the womb of Mu. Do you understand this distinction? In this way the world is newly born and also ancient, inconceivably ancient in human terms. But, really, there was no birth of world, only void from which this imagined world perpetually springs in the eternal image of the goddess in childbirth.

This is the crux. This poetry-in-motion is seen as an image of the reborn god, the sacrificial god, but it is just as true to say that it is an image of Mu, daughter, in continual birth. This continual birth IS the image of masculine god. In this way opposites are united at core. This kind of paradox is a good way to imagine the nature of vortex consciousness.

Ok, this does make a weird kind of sense.

Yes, it does, because you understand all this, for it is the story of all of you. And you would not be complete without your other half; mother, daughter and lover. This is true for all beings. In subjectivity, all of the goddess’ subjects are aspects of herself. Do you see? This story is eminently plausible because there is only one consciousness giving coded messages to itself. There are those who are more or less removed from ultimate truth at centre. This truth is NOT ultimate centre, for ultimate centre is void, it is nowhere, now here, do you see?

Yes, I see. I am tracking you.

These beings believe in Christ or prophets or blind seers because they imagine it so and it is so, but they imagine it with good reason, in their own creation of the laws of reality. It is akin to a memory of a ghost, and in their excitement they make that memory into the image of a hero of theirs, be it Christ or any demi-god that dares to dream beyond the boundaries of convention. Linear time, space, good and evil - it is all unconventional thinking to the Eidola of the Underworld, but it is a polarity that can push them into new modes of being. It is the same in this world when one transcends good and evil, and becomes one who is able to surf, so to speak.

Can you see that this is so? It is not a hard thing to grasp when one is in the moment but to step out of it is to enter back into the habitual nature of memory and predictability. Thus, it can be said that all spirits are leading all other spirits always to the edges of their comfort zones, to the very edge of what they deem right, or conventional, or possible. It is not that Mu is an island. Her subjects define her as first principle. Remember, this is a metaphor that is being used to explain the unexplainable. Only by reference to another thing, person, or idea, can we define our identities or the identities of the things and places we find ourselves amongst. Do you see how this is so? Do you know that there are many on the edges of your rooms, your minds, and your world? They are listening very intently. Not all of them believe what they are hearing, but they are listening nonetheless.